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20 Times Relationships Were Hilariously Unpredictable


Relationships are an extremely important part of any human being. Everybody has some people in their life with whom they want to spend their entire life. Relationships which nourish you and push you to become a better person are a blessing from God. People who meet such people in their life are indeed very lucky. Their life becomes full of fun and they enjoy each moment of their life. Some of the examples of very unpredictably hilarious relationship situations are given below:

20. Missing Boyfriend:

Image Credits: Reddit

We had to catch a flight and I was all ready to leave for the airport. We left at the right time but when we reached there we came to know that our flight was delayed. I went to the bathroom and when I came back, I found my boyfriend sitting with children and watching cartoons in the children’s room.

19. Hidden Candy:

Image Credits: imgur

You would not have seen such an amazing way of hiding candies before.

18. Shower:

Image Credits: Reddit

Such a superb way of knowing whether my boyfriend took a bath or not I need not know this. When I entered the bathroom, I saw this and I got the point.

17. Crying Wife:

Image Credits: Reddit

I was searching my wife for a very long time in the whole house. When I reached her wardrobe I saw her sitting on the ground and crying. When asked for the reason, she said she did not have anything to wear.

16. Blanket Castle:

Image Credits: Imgur

It was my birthday last week. I was so excited about it and my husband made me a blanket castle. I felt very special and felt overwhelmed about it.

15. Love Your Girlfriend:

Image Credits: Pikabu

There are many ways of showing love for your girlfriend. If you love your girlfriend, show it this way.

14. Sexy Dress:

Image Credits: Reddit

My girlfriend came in front of me and said she has got a new dress which she loved. And when she came in front of me, this is what she was wearing.

13. Baby Daughter And Husband:

Image Credits: Reddit

This is the way my husband plays with our little baby daughter.

12. Dirty Secrets:

Image Credits: Reddit

I recently got to know the place where my wife used to hide all her hidden secrets. Take a look.

11. Tailor-Made Doormat:

Image Credits: Imgur

I asked my husband to order a tailor-made doormat and this is what he ordered.

10. Baby Preparation:

Image Credits: themetapicture

We are going to have a baby soon. When my wife asked me how I was preparing for our baby, this is what I replied.

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9. Petrified Of Heights:

Image Credits: Imgur

My girlfriend is so much petrified of heights. When I asked her to climb the tower with me, she agreed and then this happened.

8. Husband’s Workplace:

Image Credits: Reddit

One day I surprised my husband at his office and when I reached there this is what I saw.

7. Stages Of Despair:

Image Credits: Reddit

This was the state of my wife when we missed our ice cream truck.

6. Broken Dryer:

Image Credits: Reddit

My girlfriend wanted to dry her bra and her dryer was broken. So, this is what she did.

5. Too Much Light:

Image Credits: Imgur

There was so much light in the room and my husband was feeling disturbed but he found a solution very soon.

4. Broken Vacuum Cleaner:

Image Credits: Pikabu

I was cleaning the room and the vacuum cleaner suddenly broke down. When my girlfriend came and asked why and how it broke down, this is what I showed to her.

3. Photo Of My Girlfriend:

Image Credits: Twitter

I was not able to find a picture of my girlfriend to put inside the rocket. So, I found the best solution by just drawing her picture and putting in inside the locket.

2. Birthday Party:

Image Credits: Reddit

I had to go for my birthday party and when I asked my girlfriend to help me out, this is what she did.

1. Consequences:

At times, we do not think about the consequences and the situation turns out like this.

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