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10 Phrases Men Say When They Really Like You


It’s really hard to determine if the guy you are with really likes you. As men are not really verbal as compared to women so in most cases they don’t really express them. Where women can be judged pretty easily due to their expressions, gestures, body language and words as well; men don’t really show many expressions. They say straightforward things without really being very expressive, making you think if they really do like you or is there something else. To really understand if the man you like really does like you back, Born Realist has created a list of words, specifically spoken by men who are interested in you.

10. If He Says “I Noticed You…”:

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If the guy you are interested in says that he noticed you doing a specific action, eating or talking, you should know that he is really attentive when it comes to you. Men will only notice small details about you when they are really interested in you and want to get closer to you by knowing you better. They know that you will notice when they will take in consider small details about you and this will hint you for them being really interested in you.

9. If He Says “I Can Help You With…”:

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In case of men, know this that they like to be felt needed or important in someone’s life, they like to show that they are dependable for the people in their life. So if the man you think likes you, offers his helping hand, he might really be into you. Men don’t really offer their help to any women; they do it just for the ones they like so that the women could know that they can easily depend on them for any sort of thing. So if he is really enthusiastic about helping you, he really does like you.

8. If He Uses A Phrase Like “This Reminded Me Of You”:

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Men are not usually direct when it comes to being into someone because they are afraid of getting rejected and get their feelings hurt. So they live subtle clues of you being an important part in their life by saying things like something reminded them of you. It means that you are always on the back of their mind or that he is usually thinking about you. Telling you this is his way of saying that he always think of you so yeah he does like you girl.

7. If He Looks Concerned “Where Have You Been” “What Are You Doing”:

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Only a man concerned about you will ask you about your where about. Here you have to understand the difference between the two types of questionings. If he asks you about it from time to time it means that he is being concerned or possessive but if he constantly keeps on asking you this, then he might be really insecure which is something you don’t want in a man. So, determine for yourself if he really does like you.

6. If He Compliments You “You Look Great/Amazing”:

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There’s no science behind it, if a guy really likes you, he will compliment you even in your messy state. He will find you gorgeous in all times and will leave subtle compliments for you to know that you are beautiful to him at all times. If this will not assure you that the guy is really into you then nothing else can.

5. If He Assures You “I’ll Be There For You”:

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No matter how cheesy it may sound, if a guy says that he’ll be there for you when trouble comes, know this that he will be there. Men don’t just say it unless they really do mean it and when they mean it you should know that you can totally depend on them for support. They’ll listen to your troubles and provide any solution possible plus a shoulder to cry too. Men don’t just do this for anyone, they only do it for the one they feel emotionally involved with.

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4. If He Says “I Miss You”:

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A man will only say that he misses you only when he actually does miss you. It means that you have won over his heart and mind alike, making him constantly think about you. But some men would just say this to any women because they might want something from you. It is up to you to determine the kind of guy he is. If you know that guy to be a real gentleman and he says this to you then know this that you have really made a place in his heart.

3. If He Shares His Worries “I am really worried/upset/tensed”:

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As men are not very expressive, they don’t really show their problems or share them with anyone. If they share them with you then know this that they really are into you and find you as a person they can be vulnerable in front of without any judgment. Men only open up to people who are really close to them and make them feel like home. At such time you should actually be there holding his hand assuring him that everything will turn out fine.

2. If He Shares With You “I Was Talking To Mom”:

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Men will not really talk about their family and definitely not their moms if they are not comfortable or ready to be vulnerable in front of you. He will only share small details with you when you are important to him and that you are more like home to him. So if he talks about family then know that you are his family too.

1. If He Has Some Nickname For you:

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If he calls you by names which are not your actual first or last name then know that he is trying to show that you are important to him and want you to remember him. He wants you to know that you are different from others then he has a special name just for you and so that you can associate with him every time you hear that name.

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