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11 Things Men Pay Attention To But You Don’t


There are a lot of things happening around you, which you do not even know. You never really pay attention to them but they grab the attention of some men. Men are really concerned about such details. You would be busy in doing some errands of yours and they will be keeping an eye on your little actions also.

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It is also very sweet sometimes, it shows how much the men want to know about your personality or have much he loves you. There are a lot of such things present. Some of them are given below. Read them and see if you can relate to them:

11. How Much You Eat:

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Women usually are very carefree and do not take in consideration when someone is eating something. While on the other side men are very considerate of all such things. They keep a very keen eye on everything you are eating. And not only that, they do notice the amount of stuff you are putting in your mouth.

10. The Amount Of Makeup You Wear:

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There is not even a single woman who does not love makeup. Makeup is favorite of every woman out there. It’s a fact that everyone wants to look great all the time. So, women take help from makeup to enhance their already beautiful features. Men are so much concerned with the amount of make up you are wearing. They will make an equation in their mind that you applied many layers of makeup on your face. Women usually do not take in consideration this thing but men never leave a chance to keep a check on it.

9. The Color You Wear The Most:

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Men notice the color you wear the most. You will probably never think about such things but men know about it because they are very much concerned about such little things. They want to know every little detail. Even if they do not try, they notice such things unintentionally also. Like the color which you wear the most on daily basis maybe. You will never really keep an account about such a thing but men do that.

8. Beautiful Smile Of Yours:

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God has blessed everyone with something or the other. Everyone is very beautiful but some people are not aware of this fact. Some people do not know they have been blessed with such pretty smile. But a man will always know if you have a beautiful smile.

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Men notice beauty more than women and this thing is out of the discussion. So, look around and you will find many men looking and admiring your beautiful smile.

7. Little Things Which Make You Happy:

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Everyone has different sets of lists which make them happy. For some people, the measure of friendship lies in having materialistic things. That kind of people always prefer things which can be bought from money. While some women do not like materialistic approach, rather small and natural things make them happy. You will be busy in your own small world of happiness and men would be noticing that.

6. Favorite Music Of Yours:

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Who does not like music? Music is an eternal favorite of everyone. Women generally do not notice what sort of music other people like. But on the other hand, men always notice your favorite sort of music.

5. Your Weird Habits:

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Weird habits are very cute at times. When you are in that zone, you do not know what others would be thinking about you. The only thing you are concerned about is the amount of happiness you are having. Men notice this thing also. They want to know about the weird habits which you possess always. Hence, always keep a notice on such things.

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4. Your Facial Reactions:

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A human being’s expressions change almost every second minute. Whatever happens around or inside you can be seen on your face. Face expressions let a person know what you are thinking. And along with that, you make funny faces also which are noticed by almost all the men.

3. Stuff That Bothers You:

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There is a lot of stuff which bothers you on daily basis. Sometimes you take a notice of it but at times you really do not care. And especially when something is of quite a grand level. Many times you do not talk about some small issues and the things that bother you but men are always noticing that thing. Men want to know everything and that is why they also want to know everything you do.

2. Your Favorite Drink:

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Drinks are loved by everyone. There are very few people out there who do not know their favorite drinks also. This is because of the nonserious attitude of theirs toward them. But you should not be really worried about this because there is someone who always notices or wants to know what sort of drinks you like the most.

1. People You Are Closest To You:

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Everyone has got someone in their life who is their favorite or with whom they are very close to heart. Some people are so dear to you that you do not want to leave them ever. But you also do not really keep a check on how much people you love or are close to. Men would be aware of it no matter what and on the other side, you will be completely unaware of it.

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