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Here Is The Brilliant Guide To Identify And Prevent Skin Cancer


Your overall health reflects greatly on your personality traits and your daily performance which includes a level of productivity and your response towards certain situations. Like all other organs, skin is also a very vital and gentle part to take care of. Despite being a major organ, we are really ignorant towards the changes that occur in the skin throughout the time. Our small errors or little bit carelessness can lead us to pay a huge cost which can be even fatal.

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Sunburn, acne, moles, spots, and pigmentation usually are not taken into consideration. In foremost priorities, it should be considered as the topmost thing to take care of. According to reports and statistics of Skin Cancer Foundation, one person dies from Melanoma every 57 minutes. If you had more sunburn then chances of having Melanoma even multiply. Basil cell carcinoma is also among the most common types of skin cancers that exist. It develops on those regions which receive immense sun exposure. Due to overexposure to UV rays, today people are at great risk of developing cancers. But you need not to worry because where a problem resides, precautionary measures always stand in your way to serve you around.

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Measures to prevent Cancer:

Here are the precautionary measures and prevention that can save your life from such lethal disease:

7) Examination of Body:

It includes all the methods and signs that will help to figure out all kinds of unusual changes. The common method to detect any moles or sores on the skin is often known as ABCDE’S of skin cancer.

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a) The A stands for Asymmetry:

If you ever find an asymmetrical division on your mole then it’s an indicator to visit the nearest possible clinic because usually, moles which are nonmalignant are symmetrical and of considerate shape. Irregular shape or bulgy forms are a sign of having a skin care problem and it can turn out to be any benign or malignant tumor. The presence of mole could also indicate a hormonal imbalance in the body that could later cause some others problems as well. Asymmetrical is a shout out call to check the doctor.

b) B tells you the borders:

It usually stands for border, the shape of your mole. If the shape of your mole is irregular and not smooth, that is also giving you some hints that something really needs to be checked. It will not have proper borders and not in clear shape giving you an obscure image. If you come across with moles having such shapes and uneven surface, do take appointment from a dermatologist of great repute.

c) The C is for Color:

A normal mole is usually of a specific color according to skin type that is brown and black. If you find the color of your mole other than these two shades then you should examine it. If it consistently changes the colors then it is a moment of worry. It could be one of the signs of developing tumors. Tumors, later on, can develop into cancerous cells.

d) The D tells Diameter:

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Noncancerous moles do not possess a size greater than the rubber tip of a pencil. If you find moles that are large in diameter and still getting large, consult the doctor. This could lead to even more complications as the time will pass.

e) E is for Evaluation:

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If you carefully check your body and evaluate it carefully then it’s a huge step towards change. Evaluating it and accepting it as a problem can save you from other complications.

6 ) Prevent sunburn:

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Taking sun bath is a good source of Vitamin D. But keep in mind that to take a sunbath and to have sunburn are two different things. So, while you take a sunbath don’t take it between scorching hours, that is between 10 am to 2 pm approximately.

5 ) Avoid Tanning Beds:

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In the countries like America, people have a certain obsession towards dark complexion. They have a great admiration towards dark and tanned people. For the fulfillment of such desires, they use tanning beds. Tanning beds are highly dangerous and can multiply the risk of cancer at a very young age. Embrace your own color. You are unique in your own design and way.

4) Lifestyle hacks:

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If you change small things, it can cause significant changes in your lifestyle. From eating habits to sleeping patterns or from overexposure to unnecessary radiations to lazy habits can immensely affect your life. So, avoid the exposure of radiations by minimizing the use of gadgets.

3) Healthy diet:

Diet for sure can decrease the risk of cancers and cancer developing agents. A person should be really conscious about the meal he or she is taking. Here are some of the natural substance that can prevent you not only from developing cancerous cells but also boost your mood. Researchers put great emphasis on taking a certain antioxidant substance that will prevent the risk of skin cancer-causing agents. There are also some diets that can prevent you from cellular damage by UV rays.

a) Vegetable intake:

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The recommended diet includes intake of green vegetables such as cauliflower, kale and spinach. They are rich in antioxidants, carotenoids, polyphenols and other bioactive substance which are helpful in fighting against Melanoma.

b) Fruit intake:

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Fruits include berry groups such as strawberry, blueberries, red currant, black currant, which have a high resistance towards cancerous substance and they can beat up the growth of such cells.

C) Fish and Herb:

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A significant amount of fresh herbs used in daily meals can resist melanoma cell growth. Also, fish are packed with omega3 and fatty acids that fight against cancer-causing agents.

2) Daily exercise:

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Daily exercise is helpful for possessing a sound body and a body free of toxins. Sweating during workout is highly beneficial in removing the toxic chemicals from the body. So, whenever you sweat don’t use an antiperspirant spray because it inhibits the release of harmful toxins from the body.

1) Medicine Overdose:

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Take medicine wisely because in the end what matters is your health. The medicine used for treatments like acne because their intake makes your skin more sensitive towards the sun. So always wear ample sunscreen in order to avoid burns and overexposures.

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