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10 Celebrities Who Wish They Had Never Taken Embarrassing Photos


We all have pictures of ourselves which we wish would never see the light of day but when it comes to celebrities, the stakes are even higher. Their public, as well as personal lives, are always under scrutiny and they are often denied the personal space that normal people are not. Similarly, these celebrities took pictures in various states of undress either for a special someone or just for fun and faced their worst nightmare when they ended up on the world wide web thanks to a nosy stalker or a jealous ex.

10. Kate Upton

Image credits: LBI Productions

Kate Upton, American actress and swimsuit model in the prime of her career was hit by this storm of controversy following the iCloud photo leak. The sports illustrated model found herself on the cover of magazines but for the wrong reasons. Her publication team expressed their contempt regarding the whole matter and on the violation of their client’s privacy.

9. Jennifer Lawrence

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Another victim of the iCloud photo leak is the Hunger Games star and Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. Her reaction wasn’t calm at all. The idea of your own private images being leaked is absolutely scary and that being said, it probably wasn’t easy for her. And she spoke up about these feelings on various interviews. She mentioned how just because she is a public figure and an actress it does not imply that she is automatically a target for these kinds of attacks. After all, it is her body and it should be her choice to reveal it whoever she pleases and the fact in this leak the choice was not hers makes it a violation of her rights.

“People forget that we’re human.”

She is completely justified in feeling this way and no one deserves to have their privacy invaded in this manner.

8. Dave Franco

Image credits: Shutterstock

We are all aware of the infamous iCloud hacking scandal which unleashed a storm of controversy when many prominent celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence and Selena Gomez fell victim to having their private pictures and videos leaked all over the internet. One of the people in the long list of people who were affected by this leak is Dave Franco. The movie star James Franco’s brother joined the bandwagon of millions of people who fall victim to privacy invasion every day.

7. Dylan Sprouse:

Picture credits: gettyimages

Disney sweetheart and heartthrob Dylan Sprouse, twin of Cole Sprouse had the perfect way of telling the world that he is no longer the blonde kid who used to star on Disney’s “Sweet Life of Zack and Cody”. In 2013 Dylan Sprouse had his nudes leaked. After the pictures went viral, the star admitted having sent them to someone he trusted and when a lot of people started tweeting him on the matter he had a perfect response to the issue.

At least you can't see my third testicle

— Dylan Sprouse (@dylansprouse) December 16, 2013

Dylan gracefully handled the whole situation and sometimes its best to laugh at one’s self before others do.

6. George Burgess:

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Australia’s gorgeous Rugby League footballer found his nude selfies circulating all over Twitter back in 2013. To say the least, people were impressed by his “assets” and his pictures ended up on several gay sites.

5. Scott Evans:

Image credits: shutterstock

The American actor known for his role on “One Life To Live.”, brother of Chris Evans or more famously known as Captain America made the headlines when his nude selfies, taken from an iPhone and iPad somehow ended up on social media and caught a lot of attention on social media.

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4. Chris Brown:

Image credits: GettyImages

In 2014, Rihanna’s infamous ex found himself in the midst of another scandal when on Wednesday, Jan. 14 two nude pictures rumored to be his, were leaked on the internet. After a lot of controversy and speculation by his fans and haters alike, the singer admitted that the pictures were his. Following is the link of an interview:

3. Colin Farrell:

Image credits: Heyday Films

This Irish star who is known for his brilliant part in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them had also gotten a lot of unsolicited attention when his nudes along with a sex tape with his then-girlfriend Nicole Narain surfaced on the internet. He reportedly sued the Play Boy model for the leak.

“The whole thing was horrifying,” Farrell recalled to Elle. “I was deposed for four hours explaining why I did not want it to be released. God forbid, it is an on-demand movie in a hotel room and my mother says, ‘Oh, I haven’t seen this work of my son’s,’ and hits purchase.”

2. Kanye West:

Image credits : shutterstock

The narcissistic rapper met the same fate as these celebrities when nude pictures rumored to be his were sold on the internet. However, he did not seem perturbed at all by the whole affair and confirmed the pictures were indeed his. The only concern he seemed to have was that his package got cut off in one photo. He too made light of the matter and hinted how something like this, from him, should not come as a surprise:

“Have you heard the first line of ‘Runaway’? I only rap reality! The first line of the song is, ‘She find pictures in my email/I sent this girl a picture of my, hey!'”

1. Calum Hood:

Image credits: GettyImages

The 21-year-old bassist and vocalist from 5 Seconds of Summer allegedly had his nude Snapchat video leaked which unleashed a storm on Twitter three years ago. The star has a huge fan base following, mainly consisting of teenage girls who were nothing but supportive of him regarding this matter. He later gave the haters a shut up call by admitting his lapse in judgment and reminding us about how everyone is allowed to make mistakes, famous or not.

I'm still just a teenage kid learning from mistakes ?

— Calum Hood (@Calum5SOS) August 29, 2014

We can all learn from Calum and in the future think a gazillion times before we attempt to send someone something which can later place us in an awkward situation.

The more famous you are the more vulnerable it makes you to attacks on your privacy. In a world which is obsessed with celebrity lives and constantly looking for the newest piece of gossip or dirt or anyone, it becomes a very profitable gig to reveal the most intimate details of someone’s life.

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