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25 Unusual Things You’ve Never Seen


25. The Gutenberg Bible:

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Gutenberg Bible is actually a symbol of the book printing that started in Europe. The first edition was released by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450s, hence the name. According to some historians there are a total of 185 copies of the bible which include 150 in paper form and 35 in parchment form. Now only 48 copies exist and most of them are incomplete. It is also known as 42-line Bible

24. Alcatraz:

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Alcatraz is known as the unbreakable prison that history and literature talk about. Many prisoners tried to break out but failed miserably. The building might look simple but it is designed in simply a twisted way to trap the notorious. You can visit Alcatraz prison on the Island of the same name in San Francisco Bay.

23. The Far Side Of The Moon:

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The far side of the moon might not be visible from the earth but thanks to the advancement of science, many pictures have been taken through space. The moon has 2 sees on its surface, one is The Sea Of Moscow and the other is The Sea Of Dreams. On top of that, the biggest lunar craters are located on far side of the moon.

22. Deep Blue:

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Yeah this IBM computer defeated a world champion chess player, Garry Kasparov creating lots of controversies and fears. People started to believe that this would lead to computers taking over the world defeating human race in every turn.

21. 35oz. Plastic Bottle:

Image credits: QAZ123QAZ123

Yes, this is a 35oz. (1 litre) plastic bottle. But this is before the process of heating and inflation. Can anyone think this could store 35 oz. of water in it

20. Mona Lisa:

Image credits: chbm89

As much as Mona Lisa has been romanticized all around us, it’s not so majestic in the original version. It’s actually pretty small with just 30 inches height and 21 inches width.

19. A Brick Laying Road Machine:

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This machine has made the bricklaying work easy by laying them out in wide brick sheets, contributing to workload and time.

18. Sunrise and Sunset At The Same Time:

Image credits: grizzzly

Have you ever imagined seeing a sunset and sunrise at the same time, is it even possible? A few people have actually seen and captured this beautiful phenomenon.

17. The Appendix:

Image credits: chanawit

The only thing we know about appendix is that it commonly gets inflate and removed through surgery. It is actually a tubular worm like structure which extends from Cecum to large intestine. When the appendix gets inflamed, it swells and turns blood red. The size is such with 3-5 inches of length and 6-8 mm diameter.

16. Snake’s Skin:

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Snakes are majestic creatures and their skin is nothing less than a masterpiece. Just look at this beautiful piece of snake’s shed skin.

15. The Penates:

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Penates are the household deities found in Roman mythology. Every family had two Penates and their images were decorated on fireside. According to mythology after a war or hunting, people used to return to their Penates.

14. Under Floor Heating:

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You might have experienced underfloor heating but have you ever actually seen what it really looks like.

5 Foods You Should Never Ever Wash Before Cooking & 5 That You Always Should 13. One Million Colors:

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They might look similar but each and every pixel is a different color.

12. The United States—Mexico border Through The Algodones Dunes:

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The USA-Mexico border goes through the high and low roads of dunes of Algodones.

11. Chinese Curly Chicken:

Image credits: ivery

A chicken with curls! Have you ever seen such beauty? He’s got more style than us all combined.

10. The Hang Nga Guesthouse:

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The Hang Nga Guesthouse is also known as the crazy house, you can see for yourself why. The house resembles a tree with mushrooms, cobwebs and animal skin decorations. The house is located in Dalat, Vietnam.

9. An Unsold Cars Graveyard:

Image credits: Artek915

People often reject the idea of buying expensive predecessor cars because the new model comes out faster than the older one is sold.

8. Lightning:

Image credits: Novichokkkkkk

One person managed to take the pictue of lightning that just hit their cell phone.

7. The Crowned Eagle’s Foot:

Image credits: Aliveter

There’s a reason why the crowned eagle is called the most dangerous eagle in the world. Just look at its claw

6. New Born Eagle:

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A newborn looks like anything but a predator. Can you imagine this tiny creature to be a dangerous hunter as a grown up?

5. World’s Most Expensive Metal:

Image credits: NiceJoint

World’s most expensive metal is made up of 1g of radioactive Californium-252 and it costs 27 million dollars.

4. Darkest Material In The World:

Image credits: Corp

The darkest material in the world is actually called Vanta Black and it absorbs 99 percent of the light. This makes any 3D object look 2D

3. Remains of Rubber Tires On Asphalt:

Image credits: LeeFoxray

The tires in this picture have been taken from the asphalt of a drag race event after the race ended.

2. Point Nemo:

Image credits: Cortana

Point Nemo is a point on earth that is so from everything and difficult to reach that the only humans to ever go there are usually astronauts.

1. Area 6:

Image credits: Google Earth

A lot of people have heard about the Secret Area 51 which is located in the south of Nevada but Area 6 has been a mystery for years and only three years ago did the military accept the existence of it. Area 6 is located 80 miles away from Las Vegas.

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