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French magazine accused of glorifying rock-star murderer


French magazine accused of glorifying rock-star murderer

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Image caption Actress Marie Trintignant pictured on the set of French TV series Colette, less than a month before she was killed

A leading French music magazine has responded to criticism for making a rock star who killed his girlfriend its cover star.

Les Inrockuptibles placed Bertrand Cantat, who beat actress Marie Trintignant to death in 2003, on its front page last week.

In a statement, it said its choice was "debatable", and expressed "sincere regrets" to "those who felt hurt".

France's Elle magazine responded with a editorial tribute to Ms Trintignant.

Under the headline "In the name of Marie", it said its words were for "all women victims of violence" carried out by men.

Cantat, who was released from prison in 2007, is trying to relaunch his music career with a new solo album.

Les Inrockuptibles said it had been covering Cantat since the 1980s and its history was built on his old band, Noir Desir. It justified its coverage by saying the article tackled controversial issues, such as "Did Cantat have the right to a public life after having killed Marie Trintignant with his fists?"

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The magazine said it had received many complaints.

One Twitter user said Les Inrockuptibles "should apologise to the Trintignant family".

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Les Inrocks devraient présenter leurs excuses à la famille #Trintignant
Le magazine "Elle" répond à la Une des "Inrocks" sur B.#Cantat

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The controversy coincided with the Harvey Weinstein scandal, which has seen the US producer accused of multiple assaults against women and which has also provoked a big reaction in France.

On Monday, Gender Equality Minister Marlène Schiappa set out plans for new laws to crack down on sexual violence.

She said a taskforce of politicians would work with police and magistrates to establish what sort of behaviour constituted sexual harassment.

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Image caption Cantat, who was convicted of beating Marie Trintignant to death in 2003, returned to music in 2013

"The idea is that society as a whole redefines what it is acceptable or not," she told La Croix newspaper.

French Twitter users have also been using #balancetonporc, meaning "rat on your dirty old man", to encourage women to name and shame their attackers.

First Lady Brigitte Macron has praised women for "breaking the silence".

On Sunday, President Emmanuel Macron said that he would be stripping Harvey Weinstein of the prestigious Legion d'honneur award.

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Elle magazine's editorial retort also applauds the "courage" of the Hollywood figures who have spoken out against Harvey Weinstein in light of the recent allegations.

Les Inrockuptibles also noted the Weinstein allegations in its letter to readers, published on Tuesday, adding that it has always strived "to relay feminist ideas".

"It was important for us to tell you that," it said, signing off.

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Media caption100 Women: What exactly do we mean when we talk about street harassment?

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