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These 14 Pics Prove That All The Women Scott Disick Has Dated Have Something In Common


Scott Disick is an entrepreneur and a self-proclaimed lord who got fame with the very popular show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He is for sure a black sheep for the Kardashian and the Jenner family. He has been welcomed by them into the family over the years, only to get kicked out again and then return back eventually. His battles with the lifestyle of a playboy, considering himself the King attitude and the disregard he has for Kourtney Kardashian’s feelings have made him a character which everyone loves to dislike. He said in an interview that he has realized that he is way too perfect and it’s everybody around him who have got issues. He has a very womanizing sort of nature. Kourtney in the show asked him that isn’t it disrespect towards her and their children to show such kind of attitude. But now everything has changed. As they are not together anymore. Scott is free like a free bird. He can be with as many women as he wants. But there are a few things which are common in all the women he has dated. Some of them are given below:

14. Abs:

Image Credits: Hollywood life

No one can deny the fact that Scott Disick loves women who have a toned stomach. Like Kourtney, Bella Throne and Megan Blake Irwin.

13. Must Be In Their Earlier Twenties:

Scott likes his women to be of younger age. Some of them are given below:

Image Credits: RadarOnline

Like Ella Ross who was just 21 years old when Scott started dating her. The other women Scott Disick dated are Bella Bross, Bella Thorne, Lindsay Vrckovnik and Christine Burke. They all have a thing in common and that is, they all were of a very younger age when they started dating much older Scott Disick.

12. Bella Bonus:

Image Credits: RadarOnline

Apparently, Scott als0 have feelings for Bella Bonus who was only 20 years old when she started dating Scott Disick. Bella said about their relationship, “Scott and I have said I love you to each other and we spend so much time together.”

11. Christine Burke:

Image Credits: RadarOnline

When Christine Burke started dating Scott Disick, she was also only 20 years old. She was just a high school graduate at that time.

10. Bella Throne:

Image Credits: Celebuzz

Scott Disick also hooked up the Bella Throne. A very famous Disney star. She was just 19 years old when her pictures with Scott went viral.

9. Lindsay Vrckovnik:

Image Credits: RadarOnline

Lindsay Vrckovnik, an 18-year-old model was seen with Scott Disick. She is not a graduate yet. Currently, she is studying fashion in New York City. Whether Scott will be there at the Graduate’s Ball or not, that would an interesting thing to see.

8. Adrenaline Rush:

Image Credits: Notey

Scott Disick really likes to have adrenaline rush while being on a date. Like in the picture below he can be seen jet skiing with Sofia Riche. He is one of those guys who get bored of everything very quickly, so he likes to do the girls who are up for doing anything.

7. Should Rock A Swimsuit:

Image Credits: RadarOnline

The reason why Scott Disick likes to take his dates to the places which are closer to the beach is hidden from no one. He actually loves his women in swimsuits.

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6. Modeling Career Like Emma Blanchard:

Image Credits: RadarOnline

Scott Disick is obsessed with models of young age. And Emma Blanchard is just one of them. Both of them were seen partying together in Hamptons.

5. Dated And Dropped:

Image Credits: Hollywood Life

Scott Disick and Chloe Bartoli were head over heels for each other at one point of time. Chloe is a stylist. She has worked with many big stars which include Jared Leto. He was seen hanging out with Bella Throne in a pool one day and then he was seen with Chloe in the same pool later.

4. Lina Sandberg:

Image Credits: Hollywood Life
Lina Sandberg, a Swedish model was also dumped by Scott Disick. Scott dropped her because she was trying to show that there was something very serious going on between the two.

3. Matching Outfits:

Image Credits: Hollywood Life
Scott Disick loves to wear matching clothes with his women. Like here he was seen being all coordinated with Kourtney Kardashian.

2. Ella Ross:

Image Credits: Hollywood Life
Ella Ross will always be remembered for playing the dress coordination thing with Scott Disick. Both of them wore matching gear with simple shits, light jeans, and white plain sneakers.

1. Looks Alike To Kendal Jenner:

Image Credits: Hollywood Life
Almost all the girls Scott Disick has dated all these years, somehow resemble Kendal Jenner. Like Christine Burke and Bella Banos. Both of them resemble Kendal Jenner quite a lot.

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