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20 Photos That Prove Being Tall Can Be Extremely Painful


Being tall can get you a lot of attention and envy as almost everyone wishes to be tall. While being tall is a blessing it can surely turn into a curse from time to time as they go to settings arranged for average standard height. With great height comes great discomfort as a side effect of being more attractive than short people. While there are situations that short people can relate to whine all the time, tall people do have to face such tricky situations where they are the odd one out, embarrassed or uncomfortable. Born Realist has arranged a set of images for you tall guys out there so that you could share your pain with the world.

20. They Always Seem Taller Than Before:

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Every time you meet someone after a few days, you can’t get through the day without hearing the phrase ‘you are taller than before’. How is that even possible, no one can grow after a specific age and yet people annoy you with the same question everywhere you go.

19. Sitting In Small Cars:

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Riding in small cars is always claustrophobic for you, suffocating and uncomfortable with no leg space and head touching the roof on every bump that the car goes through. Basically sitting in small cars is nothing but a nightmare for you.

18. Overhead Showers Are Supposed To Go Overhead:

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You have no idea what an overhead shower is supposed to do when your head is over the shower height. No one really considers tall people while designing things.

17. Standing At The Back:

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Being tall you have to stand at the back of every group photo and sometimes it’s so far back that even you are unable to recognize yourself in a group of people.

16. You Can Relate Yourself To Shaq:

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Who can understand the pain of being tall more than Shaquille O’Neal himself? Surely you guys can give each other a shoulder to cry and share the negative side of being tall.

15. The Claustrophobic Rain:

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Rain can block your views with all those umbrellas in front of you. That is a view no one really wants to see.

14. Parties Are A Tiring Place For Them:

Image credit: Flickr: 94261979@N00

Going to a party you constantly have to get to the level of the person you are having a conversation with just so you could hear them. This constant slight bend can make that party a real pain.

13. Ceiling Are Their Biggest Enemy:

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Every time you go in a place with those fancy low ceiling, getting your head bumped is a must. Ceilings are truly the greatest enemy of tall people.

12. Where To Keep Their Legs?

Image credit: Flickr: start___short

Handling your legs and stopping them from getting in other people’s way is always a problem on public transport. The biggest nightmare would be a fully packed public transport.

11. They Can Become Free Ride For Others:

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People think it’s okay to jump on your back to have a view from the top just because you are tall. Being tall doesn’t mean being able to carry the weight of a fully grown person.

10. They Are Always On Call:

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From time to time someone keeps on calling you just to grab something that is somewhere on the higher shelves. You become a free servant boy/girl just because of being tall.

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9. Sport Are Not A Necessary For Tall People:

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Each and every time you meet a new person they surely do ask you if you play basketball or any other sports. What they don’t understand is that being tall doesn’t mean that you have to play sports.

8. Being A Goalie Is Your Life:

Image credit: gettyimages

Every time you play sports, you are chosen to be a goalie because of your bigger legs and arms.

7. What Do They Look Like:

Image credit: Flickr: anidiotabroad

A mirror and a tall person never really come face to face. They are always hanged lower than a tall person’s height making it difficult for them to see their face.

6. You Constantly Hear ‘Move Aside’:

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Being at a concert, you hear the words ‘move aside’ more than the voice of singer singing in the concert. This could be very annoying and even make you feel like being tall is a curse for you.

5. Hugging Someone:

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Hugging is really awkward, do you stay straight or do you bend down to hug someone.

4. Bed Is Not Really A Bed:

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No bed is long enough to get your legs some rest. Your legs are always bigger than the bed.

3. You Can Work Part Time As A Landmark:

Image credit: Flickr: holimac

Being tall you can never really hide in the crowd, instead, people use you to point out some reference.

2. Who Relaxes in a Bathtub:

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Bathtubs are supposed to relax you but being tall you cannot even stretch your legs in there. Every time you try to take a bath it ends in discomfort.

1. Airplane Rides Are A Trip To Hell:

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Riding an airplane you have to forget the concept of leg space. They are nothing less than torture.

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