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8 Things You Should Never Lend, Even to Your Nearest and Dearest


We usually don’t understand how important is it to keep some personal belongings just to ourselves. Unintentionally we transfer bacteria and germs by lending our personal belonging to the people close to us. There are things other than a comb and toothbrush which should never be shared under any circumstances. Born Realist is here to guide you to avoid danger.

8. Lipsticks And Lip Glosses

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It often happens that your friend or sister leaves her makeup at home and uses your makeup on a sudden plan out. You think it is okay to lend your lipstick. You never know what diseases the other person might be carrying and diseases like herpes can travel from one person to another through materials like lipstick.

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The bacteria gets activated even before the signs can be seen on the person with disease. Everyone knows that herpes don’t have a complete cure and it can create problem for you in case of contamination. It is better to say no to your loved ones instead of taking a risk. Even if you are lending them the lipstick, wipe off the top layer before using it on yourself.

7. Headphones

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Earwax can be transmitted through earphones. Everyone have a bacterial flora balance in their wax and when you share your earphones with others, these bacterial flora balance gets mixed up creating disruption in the earwax balance.

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This mixture can cause ear infections. Earwax can be removed from the surface of your earphone by using a hydrogen peroxide dipped swab. You should at least clean your earphones once a week if you use them regularly.

6. Hair Accessories

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As most of us know that letting someone borrow your comb can be dangerous. Same rule can be used for hair accessories. The reason is that they come in contact with the scalp which could be a home to lice or fungi.

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They both spread rapidly through these accessories. You can wash your scrunchies after some weeks. Things like metal hairclips and curlers can be washed with soapy water.

5. Deodorants

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The best time to use a deodorant is right after taking a shower. When your armpits are free from any kind of sweat.

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Your armpits have bacteria when they are sweaty and using deodorant that can cause bacterial infections to you and the person you share it with. Throughout the day you should only use tissue to dry your armpits.

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4. Towels

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A towel is supposed to absorb the liquid from your body. Due to its quality. towel absorbs humidity from the washroom turning it into a surface for fungi, mold and bacteria.

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Experts advice to wash your towel after every 3-4 days. Make sure you use a dry towel on every use. A damp towel can transfer bacteria causing infections.

3. Manicure Accessories

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Things used for manicure should always be personal and never be shared between two people. During their usage these items can store microscopic size of blood droplets on its surface.

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You should not share them with anyone if you don’t want to get any kind of fungal infection or herpes. Each manicure accessories should be wiped clean with alcohol to kill bacteria.

2. Skin Care Products

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Things like massage rollers, sponges, cleansing brushes should not be shared with anyone. They might look like they get easily cleaned but they have deep hidden bits and corners that can become home to bacteria.

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Your facial skin is already more sensitive than other parts and can cause acne on your skin. You should thoroughly clean you accessories with soapy water and change them after 2-3 months if possible.

1. Indoor Footwear

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Like your armpits, feet get more sweaty than other part of your body. Sharing them with others can give way to fungus and bacteria to enter your feet.

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To avoid any such thing, don’t put wet feet in shoes and change them after every six months. You should also wash them occasionally with disinfectants to get rid of any chances of infection growth. In case you have house guest, buy a new pair of slippers for them instead of lending them your extra pair.

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