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Here Are The Best Date Night Movies That Guys Will Enjoy Just As Much As Girls


Everyone loves watching movies. Movies are a great way to get entertained. At times our friends have different taste than us but a good movie is always enjoyed by everyone. A good movie always inspires you to go ahead and have a good conversation with some friend of yours. There are a lot of movies out there which actually deliver a good message. Such movies inspire you to move ahead in life rather than staying at home. As human beings, all of us have got different tastes.At times when you go on a date you do not like a movie but when you turn around your partner seems to enjoy that movie to the core. Sometimes you do not like the theme of a money but your partner loves it. And this can happen in this way also that you really enjoyed a movie but your partner did not like the movie at all. Here is a list of 15 movies given which are guaranteed to be loved by everyone. Watch any one of these and you and your partner will love them:

15. Couples Retreat:

Image Credits: Relativity Media

Couples Retreat is a comedy film. But it also makes the viewers take a look at their own relationships. This movie shows a very strong message that every relationship has some flaws in it. If you want to live in a happy relationship start putting effort into making the relationship grow.

14. Date Night:

Image Credits: 20th Century Fix/Ratpac-Dune Entertainment/21 Laps Entertainment

The story of this movie revolves around a couple which goes on a romantic date. This movie will give you laughter fits. And not only that it will create suspense in you because the couple works really hard to outgrowth their pursuers.

13. That Thing You Do:

Image Credits: Clavius Base

That Thing You Do is the movie which shows a lot of people working hard to find their footing and become famous. This movie will make you understand the consequences of not being loyal.

12. Begin Again:

Image Credits: Apatow pictures/Likely Story/Sycamore Picture/ Black Label Media

Begin Again makes you realize the importance of giving a chance. It shows that the past has gone, it will not come back ever. So, you should learn from your mistakes.

11. Lost In Translation:

Image Credits: American Zoetrope/ Tohokushinsha Film Corporation

The main hero of this film gets to find out the importance of each other when people are forced to live in an unknown environment. This film is very much thought-provoking and endearing.

10. Juno:

Image Credits: Fox Searchlight Pictures/Mandate Films LLC/Mr. Mudd

In Juni, the audience is made to think about some real questions. Such as what is true love? Juno is the movie which is about the people who know how to speak the truth.

9. Alfie:

Image Credits: Paramount Pictures

Alfie is a movie which will encourage you to think about your behavior with others. Playing around the edges does sound tempting, but it can damage lives of people.

8. 500 Days Of Summer:

Image Credits: Fox Searchlight Pictures

500 Days of Summer is a movie which will evoke a thought process in your mind about the concept of love. And all the feelings which are related to this word.

7. About Time:

Image Credits: Universal Pictures/ Working Title Films

About Time is a very feel free kind of movie. This movie will entertain you and your friends for sure.

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Image Credits: Happy Madison Productions/Anonymous Content/Flower Films

This film has got all the humor of the world. Your friends will have the best time of your life.

5. The Holiday:

Image Credits: Universal Pictures/Relativity Media/Columbia Pictures/Waverly Films

The Holiday is a movie which involves a lot of improbable circumstances which bring people together eventually.

4. One Day:

Image Credits: Focus Features/Color Force/Random House Studio/Film4 Productions

At some point in time, relationships do become complicated. One Day did a superb message by showing the ways which help people in growing together and apart.

3. The Tourist:

Image Credits: Initial Entertainment Group/Spyglass Entertainment/Studiocanal/Relativity Media

This movie is full of tur ups which make a man engaged in the film from the beginning to the end. The film shows that everything is not the same in reality which is shown to the outside world.

2. The Break-Up:

Image Credits: Universal Pictures/Wild West Picture Show Productions/MOSAIC MEDIA GROUP, INC

The Break-Up shows a very darker aspect of love. This is quite a funny movie.

1. Love And Other Drugs:

Image Credits: 2oth Century Fox/Regency Entertainment/BedfordFalls Productions/Ratpac-Dune Entertainment/New Regency Productions

Love and Drugs will make you and your partner enjoy it because it asks you to put a light on the things which actually matter to you in your own life. If you and your partner are not rich, that is not a thing to get worried about. You both can find happiness then also by just sticking with each other.

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