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Movies That Are Always Amusing No Matter How Many Times You Watch Them


Once in a while, there come movies that leave an impression on you for the longest time. They make a place in your mind and heart, touching your soul to depths. These movies are different from others because of their themes, script, direction and the lessons that they give. They give your thoughts a new direction changing your perspective to completely new things. We at Born Realist have created a list of such awesome movies that you can watch again and again and each time learn something new.

The Prestige (2006):

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The Prestige is about two rival magicians in a competition to create the best magic trick of all time. The movie is one curious tale of suspense and tragedy that will take you on the ultimate journey to the biggest illusion ever created. It will leave you questioning the reality around you and on every watch, you’ll uncover something new.

Black Swan (2010):

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The story revolves around Nina whose aim is to be the lead of Swan Lake. Her entire life revolves around ballet and no matter how beautifully she moves her body, she is only good enough to be the White Swan. She befriends a new dancer with all the characteristics to be the Black Swan. On your second or third time watching the movie, things will start to unravel in front of you. Black Swan beautifully shows the dark side of human beings.

Lost in Translation (2003):

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Two people from different side of the world, Bob who is an actor getting older than his time and Charlotte is a newlywed girl. They both form an instant friendship while their stay at a Tokyo hotel. The movie is a beautiful depiction of how unlikely bonds can be formed in the most unusual places.

Pulp Fiction (1994):

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Two hit men, Jules and Vincent have to undergo some ridiculous events while performing their duty. The story is full of dark comedy and violence while following their journey. The movie is a classic with the pulp fiction style of storytelling and definitely deserves a re-watch.

Se7en (1995):

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A serial killer and seven deadly sins. He commits his crime in an elaborate manner symbolizing each of the seven deadly sins with every killing. The movie is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It follows the journey of a detective trying to stop these murders before they get committed. Replaying this movie would make you think about human nature and its extremes. The movie will keep your eyes wide open even after the end credits.

In the Mood for Love:

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The movie is about two people who suspect their spouse to be cheating on them. They start developing a relationship of their own, questing morality and temptations. The movie has an essence of old Hollywood style romanticism. It is sure to keep you entertained for a long while.

Before Sunrise (1995):

Image credit: IndieWire

Two strangers on the same train from Budapest to Hungary form an unlikely bond. Though their meeting is for a short time but they sure do make the most of it. The movie reminds you to cherish each and every small moment and live each and every second of life. There conversations are the ones to look put for on each and every watch, they touch your soul.

The Pianist (2002):

Image credit: Focus Features

World War ll created tragedy in the life of Wladyslaw Szpilman who is the greatest pianist and composer in his era. The movie is a journey of music from despair to triumphs and its highs and lows. Wladyslaw Szpilman is one of the greatest pianists and composers of his time, but World War II forces tragedy upon him. This true story follows a musician through the depths of despair and the heights of triumph. The movie will definitely make you appreciate the things you have in life.

Her (2013):

Image credit: mashable

The world has worked through a specific system for centuries. What would happen if being in this world you were to fall in love with an Artificial Intelligence? The story is about a writer who actually does fall for AI and has to face the consequences of it. The movie tells the two aspects of human nature, love, and loneliness.

White Oleander (2002):

Image credit: Plugged In

Astrid has entered the foster system after her mother is convicted of murder. The movie is about how she has to face so many trials and rise above it all standing on her own. The movie is about how different people approach life differently and an appreciation of life through the eyes of a young girl.

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Billy Elliot (2000):

Image credit: playbuzz

The movie is about a boy from working class and his discovery of him being a dancer. In order to peruse his dreams, he must cross the boundaries of all the male roles set by society and pursue something not meant for a male in that society. The movie is about how to share your gift with the world even when people might try to hold you back. The movie is a must watch if you are looking for some inspiration to pursue your dream.

Spirited Away (2001):

Image credit: vice

The movie is a beautifully animated story of a young girl’s self-discovery and navigation after one mistake leads her along with her family to the world of beasts and spirits. The movie should be a must watch every time you face a challenge in life.

Princess Mononoke:

Image credit: drafthouse

The movie is a reminder of how conflicts can be viewed from multiple perspectives and angles. The story is of a young man being caught between humans and Gods in a forest. There he meets Princess Mononoke a fierce warrior raised by wolf-god. He sees the good on both sides and tries to negotiate his best for the peaceful results.

Good Will Hunting (1997):

Image credit: thehollywoodreporter

Will an M.I.T janitor with a brilliant mind. Due to his circumstances not being able to utilize his mind’s brilliance. In amidst of all, he befriends someone who shows him how to dream boldly. The film is about how you can inspire someone to be their best by just believing in them. It is a reminder of how we can support each other to raise high in life.

The Green Mile (1999):

Image credit: Radio Times

The movie tells that you can find magic in the most unexpected places. When the guards of death row inmates meet John Coffey in prison, who has supernatural powers, their perspective of life changes as to how to find beauty even in the darkest of times. One important lesson is to not pass judgment on anyone till you know their complete story.

Schindler’s List (1993):

Image credit: flickside

The movie is set during World War ll. The story is about a man who by using his wits saved the life of more than 1000 Jews during Holocaust. The man risked everything for the sake of helping others. Everyone needs to hear and watch such stories from time to time to know the true meaning of life and being a human. The movie truly tells how a single person can create a life-changing impact.

The Shawshank Redemption:

Image credit: Odyssey

Andy an innocent man is imprisoned for an uncommitted crime. While in prison he befriends an older inmate. Together they try to change the prison system from within while Andy hangs on to the hope of being free one day. The movie tells what the freedom of mind is and how hope can be a powerful thing, this movie is a must watch for everyone at least once in life.

Life of Pi (2012):

Image credit: denofgeek

Pi and his boat full of exotic animals went down the ocean and now he must fight for his survival. He used the lifeboat to escape the terror not recognizing the real terror was stuck with him on the lifeboat. The two then continue their journey and endure many trials. It is one of the most fascinating stories and one could use it as an example to learn a lesson of never losing hope in life.


Image credit: yesmovies

The technology called inception is used by Dominic Cobb to steal the secrets from the dreams of people. Being an excellent thief he also looks for redemption and has to pull off the hardest mission of his life. If you have watched it already, watch it one more time to get a clear understanding of drama and reality.

Shutter Island:

Image credit: rottentomatoes

A US marshal Teddy Daniels ends up taking a case of a missing person at a mental hospital far on an island. He faces many challenges on the island as he works with his partner to locate a murderess. The story contains many twists and turns and you want to watch it again and again just to know what you have missed the previous time.


Image credit: rottentomatoes

When the Earth is no longer inhabitable an astronaut goes on a mission to find humans a new home. He has to struggle to ensure the better future for the human race. Interstellar is a story that teaches us to never lose faith and push yourself forward no matter how much impossible the task is.

The Matrix:

Image credit: premiumbeat

This science fiction movie is related to Plato’s “allegory of the cave”. During the movie, the characters start to recognize their true nature of why they exist. Along with its special effects, it gives out the concept that we live in a world where our perceptions are based on what we see and how things are constructed. This movie asks you and reminds you what you really see.

La La Land:

Image credit: hollywoodreporter

A musician and actress struggle for their name in LA. Their journey is filled with obstacles and hardships and they have to work hard to define their goals and fulfill them and in the process, they identify what they mean to each other. We get to notice how brutal the show biz can be and how we can maintain perseverance in our lives.

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