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15 Secrets About The Death Of Steve Irwin That No One Knows


The crocodile hunter hosted by Steve Irwin, from 1996 to 2006 provided wildlife lovers the most fascinating scenes of the most deadliest creatures. It became the world’s famous show and all gratitude goes to Steve Irwin who possessed the passion for wildlife and it’s preservation. He had an immense energy and enthusiasm which was often contagious to the viewers who were watching the show at home. This made Steve earn household name. the series success brought much opportunities for Steve and made him expand his brand name into an empire. A large impact on the world could be seen via his work, and during filming on a certain location a tragedy struck him unexpectedly. He tragically lost his life when an unexpected attack came from a sea animal, Stingray, which was supposed to swim away but instead it’s attack proved to be fatal for Irwin. It was quite surprising for his followers and they showered their support and love for him and his family. There have been many details that have been roaming around regarding the death of Irwin, the facts below are gathered for you to put some spot light on the events that lead to that unfortunate day. He proved to be an inspiration for many and left the inspirations to find improvements in the current world scenarios and his research has benefited the wildlife to this day as well.

1. Getting a footage for his daughter’s show:

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Filming on various locations provides the performers some extra time to kill with any activity they prefer to do. Steve was a busy man and he had many projects to manage at the same time. While he was in Australia, he decided to use maximum of his time. He was taking part in the documentary named Ocean’s Deadliest when the whether wasn’t suitable to continue filming. With some extra time to pass he decided to jump into the water to get some new data for his daughter’s series, Bindi the jungle girl. Unfortunately this became his last of decisions and cost him his life. The show aired 31 episodes in which Steve appeared in several episodes, even after his death few episodes carried his presence.

2. Stingray’s aggressive behavior:

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It is one of the most disturbing facts regarding the death of Steve that not only he dies doing something he loved but also that he was killed by an animal in a much brutal way. Most people only know the little part of his death, that he was killed by a stingray but how badly he died only few knows. According to his cameraman Steve was stabbed by Stingray hundred times in the matter of only few seconds. In one of the interview the cameraman talks about how Steve himself removed the stingray’s barb before his death. Later he also negate what he said which has raised many questions and confusions that may be his death was also staged by some conspiracy as has been of many celebrities.

3. Some believe he could have been saved:

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The statement put up by his cameraman about the stingray’s barb is in contradiction with the statement from his doctor, Dr. Gabe Mirkin, who says that e could have survived the fatal stabbing of the stingray. Moreover he says that Steve’s decision of removing the barb is what have caused his death. Regardless of many facts of scenarios that have happened that day, the world had lost a pop culture that day. A wife had to loose her husband and children their father but the even still leave people in shock and they are still felt around the world.

4. He was under influence:

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People who choose wildlife as their career have to deal a lot of patience and concentrations and determination, as it puts them in much difficult positions in which they have to keep a sharp mind. Steve Irwin in his series was to defy death many times, being bitten by many creatures and had to face danger at many occasions. He took part in many dangerous tasks and it would be hand to swallow that Steve would be so foolish enough that he would do his job while under influence of something. A source claims that he was under the influence of mushrooms during the time he was filming with stingray.

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5. His last words:

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It was quite a normal day for everyone and just to kill some free time Steve dived into the ocean to get some good shots for his TV show. According to his friend and the cameraman Justin Lyons, when he was trying to help Steve after the deadly attack by stingray, he was trying to calm him and was asking him to think of his kids and wife while he was still fighting for his life. It was during this time that he said his last words to his friend. “I am dying” these were the hard words that run down the spine of Lyons and stayed in his mind till this day. Losing a friend is the hardest ting of all and watching him die in your arms is the most wrecking thing ever.

6. His toxinologist blamed himself for years:

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It was almost impossible to save Steve’s life, said his advisor and toxinologist Dr. Jamie Seymour. The experts on the location did their best to save his life but it was not a fortunate day for him. Dr. Jamie blamed himself for decades and he himself said that, the incident had left negative impact on his life and he was on the verge of quitting his job. Instead he made Steve his inspiration and continued his work in the field. this might be the best way to overcome grief.

7. He was planning to have a third child:

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It was quite usual to see Irwin and his family working on various projects. The family had an immense love for wildlife and it could be clearly seen in what they do. The viewers admired them working all together for one common cause. Terri Irwin his wife revealed in a interview, That she and Steve were planning to have a third child but unfortunately it remained a dream only. Moreover she also mentioned that their two children have provided much love and joy in her life.

8. Frustrations on local wildlife:

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Steve had many fan following and they were quite devastated on his sudden death and took some horrible measures to vent their frustrations. People have the capacity to get completely involved in the life of celebrities and when something bad happens to them, they let their dark sides out in open. After the death of Steve Irwin there have been reports on how the locals took out their frustrations on local wildlife in Australia. Many incidents were reported where people killed those stingrays and their tails were cut of in order to make a statement. This was the most horrifying act staged on the wildlife.

9. The footage will never be open to public:

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Soon after the death of Irwin the internet was filled with the people who were trying to find the truth to the incident, as internet was a breeding ground of any distribution of such occasions. Fortunately the video of attack was no where to be found and t has been rumored that the footage has been deliberately destroyed so it may not be appeared to local public.

10. The interview:

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Lyon’s interview gave the first hand information about the death of Steve Irwin. Unfortunately no everyone was happy with the length of explanations given in the interview. Though it was supposed to be quite therapeutic for Lyons, other people felt that he should have restrained from giving too much information about the incident.

11. Croc One:

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Steve and his family have spent a lot of years in Australia zoo and the teachings and ideas he left behind can still be seen to this day. Among many things that fans want to see, to have a closer look in Steve’s life, Croc One is usually the number one on the list. It is the ship designed by Steve himself, and used by him when he was filming or doing his research. This was the very ship in which he was traveling when the unfortunate incident happened. Till this day it is being used for many research purposes.

12. The MY Steve Irwin:

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If a celebrity have a great impact on public that is large enough, memorials and murals are built around the world. Similarly in Netherlands a ship is named after Steve Irwin by some die hearted fan of his. Irwin was much active in wildlife and saving them, it is great to see that the ship that is used for anti-whaling and stop illegal fishing practices in named in the honor of Steve.

13. The letter to his parents:

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It is quite touching when you find something left by your loved ones after their demise and it evokes many emotions in you, no matter how long it has been. After a decade Steve’s parents discovered a letter sent by him when he was quite young. They have disclosed the letter to media, in the letter he thanked his parents for the efforts they have putted in him to raise him to be a kind and good man.

14. An asteroid was named in his honor

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While Steve getting a ship named after him, an asteroid in outer space has been named after the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin’s catch phrase “Crickey”. 57567 Crickey is the name of the asteroid that got its namesake from Steve, in order to pay him the tribute.

15. The push to have him on currency:

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Those people who have made a significant impact on their country will often be featured on the currency. In 2016 a petition started to get Steve’s face on the currency on Australian 100$ bill. Many people were in favor too, and before his death his face appeared on the coin for limited time in order to recognize him as an inspirational Australian.

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