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Here’s What Your Doodles Say About You


The brain is always at work, either consciously when your actively exercising or giving a math exam or subconsciously when its pumping your blood and keeping your heart beat stable. Which is why our brain is always in motion, pushing this thought aside to make room for the other and then pushing all thoughts aside to make room for others. And where do all these thoughts go? That our brain pushes aside? To our subconscious and through it into those doodles we always end up making! Here at Born Realist we have complied a list of doodles that you may have found yourself making, here are the hidden emotion behind them!

15. Figures and images of people:

Have you ever found yourself doing that? Ruth Rostron a famous graphologist, has done a good amount of research on our mindless doodles. She says that chances are high that if you end up making these ever, its probably because your either upset or are trying to remove yourself from a situation. It also indicates that you are upset with your circumstances and feel either trapped or hurt. It may also be that you are troubled or emotionally unstable and are trying your best to isolate yourself form other people.

14. Eyes:

Doodles of eyes represent the inner self, our souls or how we view ourselves from within. An open eye that is big usually means that you are feeling sociable and bold and are comfortable with the people and circumstances around you, piercing eyes indicate fear, especially of being watched or of the unknown. Whereas closed eyes suggest a desire to close one self off and avoid issues that may be being posed in routine life or to ignore desires and one’s inner self.

13. Your signature:

Signing your name while doodling is often viewed as a sign of being egocentric but can often be viewed as confidence in oneself and purpose, people who sign their names are either confident and driven, but are also often viewed as goal-centered and individualistic.

12. Animals:

People who draw animals are often trying to imitate the animal they draw, for example a lion doodle may be made often by a person who considers himself superior or better than his peers, while a fox can be drawn when one is feeling particularly sly or are about to do something sneaky or exciting, a wolf represents unexpressed anger.

11. Squares, diamonds or geometric figures:

People who draw geometric figures usually have well defined goals and know where they’re going in life, these people are good at planning and are often great managers. But despite this they are overly cautious and careful, sometimes un-trusting.

10. Arrows:

These arrows indicate that you are going in a particular direction, you have decided what you want to do in life and are driven and committed to completing it. If your arrow’s point upward that means your approach towards life is people oriented, your an extrovert. If it points straight or down that means that your introverted and self-oriented, your approach towards life is intuitive.

9. Stars:

People-oriented party goers usually like drawing stars as doodles, you want all eyes on you. But if you have too many points in your stars that are separated from the center, it may be that you are suffering from a depression and wish to extract yourself from your environment.

8. Flowers, cloud or suns:

This is an extremely common doodles, we often find ourselves drawing entire gardens, well, these drawings often mean that we are satisfied with our lives and the environment and surrounding we are in, drawing large flowers also means that you are looking forward to good things to come in the future and you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and are ready to take up new challenges.

7. Crosses:

Crosses often indicate negative feelings such as guilt and sadness, often drawn in stressful situation which are accompanied by feelings of abandonment and shame.

6. Little houses and boxes:

Symmetrical shapes often represent love of order and an irresistible urge to put things in an order! People who end up doodling such symmetrical houses and boxes are good at calculations and often excel in scientific fields.

5. Chessboard:

If you have found yourself in an uncomfortable position as late you will probably end up drawing a chessboard, chessboards also indicate trails and difficulties to be solved with cunning over the time, it can also be because the doodler feels trapped and in trouble. It can also be because you are still trying to figure out how you fit in the world or are thinking of a future to come that is either uncertain or challenging.

4. Bee hive patterns:

Bee-hive patterns indicate a burning desire for peace. They also show a want for settlement and familiarity in life. Maybe a desire for a family or children and love, if the world is concerned it may be a want for peace in the world or a hope to help those in need.

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3. Spirals:

Spirals show that you are not bothered with your outside environment and you don’t care about the talks and issues around you, while inside you are happy and are ready to solve your issues and those that effect you.

2. Circles and rings:

Circular shapes and rings often mean that they you need a friend or an accomplice someone to take care of you or listen to your problems, it may be that you need help or someone to be around you, it can be that you are suffering from depression and would like someone to help you solve the issues that are being posed in your life.

1. Someone else’s name:

If not romantically, then you may be writing someones name because that they are posing a problem that you still have to deal with in the near future.

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