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15 Disney Stars Who Did Not Grow Up So Adorably


Back in the days, Disney was known for casting the most adorable child stars, who made everyone go “aw” with their angelic looks and innocent acting. Those kids won the hearts of millions through not only their adorable looks but also their great acting. However, all of those kids are now grown-ups and unfortunately not so adorable anymore.

Ever wondered where all those child actors are now? How did they turn out to be and what do they do for a living? Here is a list of 15 child stars from Disney who did not grow up so adorable. You won’t believe most of them are unrecognizable.

1. Danny Tamberelli

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Danny Tamberelli is an actor who first appeared on The Adventures of Pete and Pete and The Mighty Ducks. Danny was a very adorable and chubby little kid who made his mark in commercials in the 90’s and 2000’s. However, while growing up, Danny gained a lot of weight and couldn’t seem to do anything about it. He might not be appearing on television anymore but he was the inspiration behind the Jimmy De Santa character in Grand Theft Auto V.

2. Steven Anthony Lawerance

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Steven Anthony Lawerance was once known for his super adorable role in Even Stevens. Surprisingly the star has not aged well. He was born in 1990 but if you look closely, Steven looks a lot older than his actual age. Steven admitted in an interview, “I’m not happy with how I’ve aged. People don’t recognize me at all. I feel like I’m above 40, though I’m not.”

3. Raven Symone

Image source: Madamenoire

Adorable Olivia Kendall in the famous Disney’s The Cosby Show was played by Raven Symone, who was loved and adored by many. Raven won the hearts of many by her witty and funny acting skills. However, the little cutie is now all grown up and not so cute. Raven is now seen making headlines with her bold makeup and hairstyles.

4. Miley Cyrus

Image source: Getty Images

When talking about famous Disney child actors one cannot forget the adorable girl that played Hannah Montana and quickly gained fame through her music and acting. Yes, we’re talking about none other than Miley Cyrus. After quitting Disney Miley had the most apparent transformations in the history of Hollywood. This pop star got wild, her clothes grew short and so did her hair. Miley was also caught smoking marijuana and weed. Dramatically her genre in music also changed.

5. Macaulay Culkin

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Talking about child actors one simply cannot forget Macaulay Culkin, the adorable kid who starred in Home Alone and soon became the highest paid actor for his role. Macaulay was known for his adorable looks and blonde hair. However, he shocked his fans all over the world with his absurd and scary transformation. The unlimited partying, use of alcohol and drugs not only ruined his adorable looks but also his acting career.

6. Lindsay Lohan

Image source: Getty Images

Another famous child star who ruined their own career and looks is none other than, Lindsay Lohan. The adorable little girl who starred in the famous movie, Parent Trap got addicted to drugs, alcohol and was also arrested more than 6 times for her violent behavior. Lindsay has always been in the headlines for wild lifestyle and dramatic looks.

7. Jonathan Lipnicki

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We all remember watching Stuart Little as kids and falling in love with the adorable child actor, Jonathan Lipnicki, who played George Little. Even though Jonathan grew up to be a decent man he still went through a tough phase of becoming an adult.

8. Edward Furlong

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Edward Furlong was an adorable little kid who rose to fame with his famous role in the Terminator. However, while growing up he got involved in drugs and late-night partying with party animals like; Paris Hilton. Eventually, the boyish looks disappeared and Furlong turned into an obese alcoholic and drug addict.

9. Haley Joel Osment

Image source: Getty Images

Haley Joel Osment, one of the most famous child actors who worked in famous movies like; Sixth Sense, Artifical Intelligence and Pays It Forward. Haley also had the privilege to work with Hollywood biggest names like; Jude Law, Kevin Spacey, and Bruce Willis. Haley was a cute tiny little kid who grew up to be not so adorable. He gained a lot of weight and was also sentenced to 3 years probation for drug posession and bad driving.

10. Orlando Brown

Image Source: Getty Images

Orlando Brown, the cute kid who starred in shows like; That’s So Raven and Family Matters turned out to be a rebellious kid who was arrested on multiple occasions for bad driving, violent behavior and drug possession.

11. Britney Spears

Image source: Getty Images

Before becoming a famous singer, Britney Spears also starred in the famous Disney show, The Mickey Mouse Club alongside other famous actors, like; Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling. No one could predict this cute little kid would turn out be a crazy psychopath who would shave her own head and get addicted to drugs.

12. Brian Bonsall

Image source: Getty Images

Remember watching Andy Keaton from Family Ties? Well, that cute little kid grew up to be a threat for his girlfriend and the people close to him. Brian was arrested on several occasions for possessing drugs, hitting his girlfriend and a third-degree assault.

13. Lake Voohries

Image source: Getty Images

Lark Voohries started off her career by starring in Saved By The Bell. Unfortunately, her career couldn’t go further as she grew over both her looks and acting skills.

14. Zac Efron

Image source: Getty Images

Famous child star Zac Efron who played Troy Bolton in the High School Musical Series turned out to be a heartthrob for his fandom. Even though he turned out to be a really successful actor, he still suffers from alcohol abuse and emotional struggle.

15. Clint Howard

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Clint Howard the cutest little kid who played in The Andy Griffith show was known for his cowboy costumes and innocent acting, turned out to be the weirdest adult of all. Clint is also known for playing scary roles in many horror movies.

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