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“I Will Love You Until…” Based on Zodiac Signs


Your zodiac sign tells a lot about you at least what you used to think. Promising I will love you forever is the easiest thing to do but fulfilling that promise is the hardest thing for some people. Love demands a lot of sacrifices. It has the tendency to bring the mountains down. Love is what makes you feel alive. But then at times, something bad happens and that undying love starts fleeting. You never see it coming your way initially.

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But sometimes that feeling gets lost somewhere because you feel you are being cheated. The person for whom you can do anything is not being that loyal towards you. This makes you question yourself also. So, here is a very simple way given which will help you to know how loyal you are based on your Zodiac signs:

12. Aries:

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Aries is the sign of God of war. So, there is no doubt about the fact that they are born warriors. Their life is a constant battle with almost every little thing. But the person having this zodiac sign is the strongest of all. He is capable of fighting all the fights. If your zodiac sign is Aries you need to be given things which will keep you conquered. And only that way you will be able to keep up your interest with the person present in your life. If your sign is Aries, you will remain loyal to your partner until he will betray you.

11. Taurus:

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Taurus are very strong individuals. It is very difficult to break their heart. If your zodiac sign is Taurus you are going to be loyal to your significant other until he or she will play with your heart and break it.

10. Gemini:

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A Gemini person is good to you until you start playing dirty games with them. Never try to be over smart with a person having a Gemini zodiac sign. A Gemini man’s mind functions more than you can even think. The Zodiac sign is generally ruled by Mercury. If you have a Gemini zodiac sign your loyalty will go anywhere until the next person tries to outsmart you.

9. Cancer:

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Cancerians will give you everything if you attract them. The people who have this zodiac sign are very nice and possessive. Never try to betray such people. If your sign is Cancer people should never try to abandon you. Otherwise, your loyalties will go down the drain.

8. Leo:

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Leo sign is ruled by the sun. Leos are always harshly criticized and judged by others. They are always under the scrutiny. Leos have a thing for them that they always want to be appreciated. One should never try to insult a person having a zodiac sign Leo. If you have a Leo sign then you are going to stay loyal to your partner. Until that person will start making you look like a fool.

7. Virgo:

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Virgos are generally considered as the pioneers of truth and criticism. They are very well aware of everything happening around them. They are very much interested in observing the behavior of human beings in their surrounding. A Virgo person will give you all his love and attention until the time you will start exploiting it. If you want to check how loyal you are to your partner observe their smallest things. If you found them lying at any point you will see how easily you will lose it. And it will be a proof of your loyalties.

6. Libra:

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A librarian is naturally a pacemaker. Libras always try to find out ways to bring peace in their surroundings. Their biggest desire is to make this Earth a happily living paradise. Never try to mess with them. If you will try to do so, your existence will be eliminated from their life. If you are a librarian you will keep your loyalties intact with your partner but he should cooperate with you until things will be disrupted in no time.

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5. Scorpio:

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Scorpions will love you no matter what. Even in your hardest times, they will stick around you. But if people will try to hide something from them and they get to know it somehow. Then people should know that you are screwed like anything. Never keep secrets from a scorpion or else wise you, yourself will be responsible for the after effects. And if you are a scorpion better keep an eye on your close people so that you will never have to hurt your feelings ever.

4. Sagittarius:

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Sagittarius is the child of the God Zeus. A Sagittarius will easily get mad if people try to make them feel bad something. If you are a Sagittarius by zodiac sign you will never be able to wait for things to turn good. Your love will just start fading away in no time. You must be highly ambitious and optimistic about everything in life. As a Sagittarius, if you want to see how loyal you can get to a person just try to see if a person brings you hope or not. If that person will fail to do so your loyalties towards that person will die.

3. Capricorn:

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The Capricorn is considered as the child of the God of time. If your zodiac sign is Capricorn and you want to know about the level of your loyalty just see how much the others stick around you when you tried really hard to get rid of them. You will stay loyal to your partner until he will give up.

2. Aquarius:

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Aquarians get drawn to things faster than you can even think. Never try to become something else otherwise the Aquarians will refuse to recognize you. And at that time, you get to know your loyalty towards other people.

1. Pisces:

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Pisceans are going to admire you till the time you will start making them lose the faith in their dreams. If you are a Piscean you will know that your loyalties will always be more tilted towards the person who tries to motivate you to attain something in life.

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