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If These 2 Lines On Your Palm Match Up, It Means Something Extraordinary For You


Palmistry, also known as Chiromancy is the practice of looking at one’s hands and predicting things like personality traits and events that have either happened or will happen. However, it is not just limited to the palm. It includes arm, finger and fingernail and everything in between.

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Its roots are buried deep into the Chinese, Tibetian and Indian history. It’s philosophical and spiritual aspects stem from the belief in predestination: that everyone on Earth has a destiny, a predetermined purpose they are here to fulfill. Which people believe is imprinted on our palms somehow when we are born. People for centuries have been reading palms in order to decipher the meaning of the different lines on their hands as it may lead to them to the answers regarding the questions they have regarding their destiny.

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Few have mastered the ancient art palm reading with years of research and practice which lets them peer into the lives of others. They boast of being able to predict a person’s character traits, health, wealth, wisdom, career, marriage, and many more aspects.

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It may be out of some people’s comfort zone to have a stranger take a look at your hands and get to know things about you which you might not be comfortable revealing to others. Some even say it is superstitious and fake. Whereas, others are quite intrigued about this practice and even go as far as to pay huge sums of money to have their palms read by a professional.

No matter if you are any one of them, you can judge for yourself how true or untrue these claims are by observing your palms yourself. If you’re interested you can start off by spreading both your palms side by side and comparing the lines as shown in the photo above.

1. If the line ‘a’ on your left hand is higher, it means you’re a champion of love:

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The heart/ love line as the name indicates provides an insight into your attitude towards love, how important or unimportant it is for you. It also reflects on the quality of love you may be able to give someone or get in return. Whether you are capable of forming deep connections or how successful will be your marriage.

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If the line marked a or the love line is higher on your left hand than the right one it could mean: when it comes to love, you go the extra mile. You are extremely passionate and feisty when it comes to loving someone. You do not shy away from a challenge if it means something beautiful can happen for you. If you ever fall in love it occupies your thoughts with an intensity matching no other.

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It consumes your entire being and you may go to extremes to bring that special someone into your life and hence at times, you come off as aggressive. It can also leave you frustrated when a person does not feel as strongly about you as you do about them. Therefore, It is advisable to keep your feelings in check and not go overboard with your means of getting someone because after all, you can not coerce someone into feeling something for you when they do not. It may drive them even more away from you.

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Similarly, When in a relationship, you can get a little possessive. You also tend to get insecure and jealous when your significant other gives someone else more attention than you think they are giving you. You like to express your love with elaborate gestures and shower your partner with attention. It is important to give your companion the personal space they require and trust them to make sure you sustain the beautiful bond between you two.

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2. If the line of your right hand is higher, you tend to be too mature for your age:

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It is safe to say you are an old soul. You usually hang out with people older than you and get along with them well. Your love interests are often different than what people your age find attractive. You look at people with a different lens and your way of doing things is a little unconventional as well.

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It may make you feel alienated from people around you but there is nothing wrong if someone who does not conform to the standards of beauty makes your heart race. After all, each individual has something worth loving about them and you should not be afraid of doing that with all your heart.

3. If the line of your right and left hand align, it is a sign of a gentle heart:

The alignment of the lines reflects the alignment of your heart and soul. You are one of those pure souls who people feel like they can trust with anything and most importantly their hearts. You are a force of good and make a caring partner.

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However, you also tend to be sensitive and easily get your heart broken. You do not like things changing too much so being in a relationship can prove to be a little out of your comfort zone. Some people might find you upright and boring and People may sometimes take advantage of your good nature. So, be careful on whom you shower your affections on as anyone would be lucky to have you in their lives.

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Palmistry is an art form which can only be mastered by much devotion. It is not science and humans are too diverse too and one rule does not fit all. However, with years of knowledge and research behind us, some common facts have trickled down through generations and have simplified the complicated procedure of reading palms for us. This is a small exercise to mimic that complicated procedure which may lead you to find out some interesting things about yourself.

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