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Not All Celebrity Children Love The Limelight! Here Are The Star Kids That You Probably Didn’t Even Know Existed

Becoming famous comes with its own baggage of having every little detail of your life exposed to hundreds or thousands of people, depending on how famous you are. It’s not always the most comfortable position to be in at times but it’s one thing to become famous slowly and gradually which gives you ample time to adjust to the new life and it’s completely another to be born famous. You are forced into a life you did not choose and everyone may not be able to adjust well.

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Whereas some celebrities like Beyonce are extremely expressive about having kids to the point of sharing pregnancy and postpartum body photos, some prefer to keep it under covers in an attempt to give their children a normal life away from the limelight. Here’s a list of those celebrities:

11. David Bowie and Iman:

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The English superstar and the Somali model have a daughter called Alexandria ‘Lexi’.

The Queen of my heart Lexi Jones at 17 years old! #selfportrait #LexiLove

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The stars managed to keep her out of the spotlight and she was rarely seen at any public events with them. Only once did the couple posted a picture of their daughter on Instagram to show her their love on her 17th Birthday. It is possible that they waited for her to be old enough before they deliberately brought the world’s attention to her.

10. Matt Damon and Luciana Barrosa:

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The Good Will Hunting star and his partner are parents of 4 daughters who they’re raising, away from the spotlight.

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You’d expect the actor has learned some tricks to stay undercover from his Bourne trilogy. The only way the world will see them is if one of them decides to pursue a career in Hollywood.

9. Julia Roberts:

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Julia Roberts is as famous as it gets. The mother of three is determined to giving her kids the normal childhood they deserve with her niece, Julia Roberts better known as the scream queen being the only member of her family who has chosen to work in Hollywood, choosing the diva life.

8. Kate Hudson:

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The mother of two beautiful boys Ryder Robinson and Bingham Hawn Bellamy rarely brings her children into the public. We hope they turn into fine young gentlemen.

7. Adam Sandler:

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The comedic hero seems to be fulfilling the role of the protective father because his two daughters are seldom seen at public events.

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6. Kate Beckinsale:

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Lily Mo Sheen, Kate Beckinsale’s daughter who herself has done some minor roles in a few movies has been effectively kept out of the limelight until now. Some privacy would help the blooming actress to establish her career before she gets discouraged from the criticism she may receive or by being reminded every second how she has some pretty big shoes to fill.

5. Jennifer Lopez:

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J.Lo is setting the right precedent by trying to give her twins a normal lifestyle by keeping them away from the cameras as much as she can. She’s not only a great entertainer but a mother as well.

4. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren:

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The power couple has kept their adorable daughters miles away from the media’s glare. They will grow up to be wonderful young ladies away from the scrutiny.

3. Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise:

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The 90s hot couple adopted two daughters back when they were married. The couple attracted a fair amount of attention to themselves but kept their kids away from it all. Even after they broke off their marriage Nicole Kidman kept their kids well protected from the media frenzy.

2. Michael Jackson:

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It’s hard to not be brought to the media’s attention when your father is the King Of Pop. Still, his son Blanket Jackson has managed to stay from it all whereas his other siblings: Paris and Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, have gotten plenty of attention. He must have his reasons for keeping away from the limelight and everyone ought to respect that.

1. Bob Dylan:

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Not many people knew that the king of music and his former wife Carolyn Dennis had a daughter. Her birth was kept a secret in the hopes to give her a normal childhood.

Growing up in a world where one is constantly reminded of their inadequacies is hard enough. If you top that with having a parent who is famous, it can exert quite a lot of undue pressure on someone young and impressionable.

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We can only imagine what it’s like to constantly live under the shadow of one’s parents and always finding people compare your achievements compared to theirs. It is understandable that these celebrities like all parents wanted to protect their children from scrutiny as much as possible.

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