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Here Are 13 Signs That You May Be Sleeping With A Monster (Narcissist)


Sex is romantic and healthy. It brings two people together and creates a special bond between them. It is important that you have sex with someone you genuinely love and adore. However, if you partner is a narcissistic person that sex can be a torture for you. A narcissist likes to showcase their power and impose control over other people instead of creating intimate connections.

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Identifying such a person can also be difficult. People get confused by the signs their partner shows during sex and mistakenly interpret it as something else.

Here are 13 signs that will help you identify if you’re sleeping with a manipulative and narcissistic person.

13. Amazing Sex:

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One thing a narcissistic person will focus on is to give you the best sex possible. The reason behind this is to overshadow their manipulative behavior. They will put a lot of effort just because they have to uphold their image as Mr/Ms. Perfect.

A narcissistic person will make sure that they know your preferences and how you like your sex, so they can please you and work hard to fulfill all your fantasies.

12. The Sex is Bad:

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Sex can be of different ranges with these people, based on their current mood. When a narcissistic person wants to quit a relationship they intentionally become bad at sex, or use sex as a point of torture or punishment.

There’s no need to feel happy when having sex with a cheating manipulative partner, they’re only doing it to fulfill their own desires and making their partner beg for more.

However, some narcissistic partners behave like this from the beginning of the relationship. Why? Because they simply like the lust, torture, and pain.

11. Bad Sexual Etiquette And Deceit:

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Are you wondering why your partner is not using protection even after specifically telling them to? Maybe your partner is a narcissist and will perform intercourse with a condom or a pill.

Chances are if you try to correct them, they will likely to backfire and blame it on you. ” You are too annoying”, “You complain too much” etc.

10. They Refuse To Talk About Their Sexual History and Health & Get Irritated When Asked About It:

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In a strong relationship discussing your sexual history, previous sexual partners and STDs is considered healthy. But your narcissistic partner will try to avoid the topic as much as possible. They are very secretive about their sexual life and will accuse you of prying if you ever wonder.

A manipulative partner likes to possess sexual control in the relationship, they feel if they share it with their partner, their power will become less.

9. They Are Addicted To Porn:

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Narcissistic people are attracted to porn for special reasons. By watching porn they learn about new ways and positions they can empower their partner. They also like it because they can control it with their imagination.

8. They Participate In Risky Activities:

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It is both cringy and uncommon for a narcissistic person to involve in risky activities that could endanger his relationship. These people would try out anything from group sex, threesomes, prostitution etc. They are not ashamed of such activities and expect their partner to be comfortable with their lifestyle too.

7. They Are Paranoid About Their Partner:

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Some narcissistic partners will turn into jealous lovers in no time. They will believe that you are having an affair with someone, even though they are the actual culprits. They will often try to prove you are the adulterer by constantly keeping tabs on you, calling you after every 5 minutes and checking your phone while you’re away. Also they will not miss a single opportunity to punish you by their own means.

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6. They Are Unfaithful:

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Most narcissists who blame their partner for cheating are actually cheating themselves. Generally, because they are bored of the routine, want attention, want to be desirable, and feel like they are entitled to have an affair and their partner isn’t.

5. Involved In Incest:

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Not all narcissists are incestuous but all incestuous are narcissists. They usually pursue because they can easily access control over vulnerable and weak family member, also because they are easily available. These people are also a threat to the family because upon rejection they can turn violent and may hurt another family member.

4. Sexually Inappropriate Behavior:

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Narcissists love also perform predatory acts. They can turn into complete monsters during intercourse. Only because they like showing off their physical and sexual powers. Narcissists get their pleasure by controlling others.

3. Detachment:

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When a narcissistic partner is losing interest in you, their action will speak louder than words. Long kisses, sensual lovemaking, and hugs will just remain a peck on the cheek. They will act cranky, annoyed and might even show an attitude. They will leave no chance of making you feel like a stranger. They will simply stop caring about you and might even practice a change of schedule and a change of partner. Slowly and eventually they are disconnecting themselves with you, so they can dive into their next love affair.

2. Sexual Violation:

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Narcissist partners may act weirdly sometimes. They always keep their needs before yours. Most of the times they’ll wake you up in the middle of the night just because they wanted to have sex. They might also film you during sex and later use it against you.

1. Preoccupied With Body Parts and Performance:

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A normal person wouldn’t mind how you look, how much you weigh or your stretch marks. But a narcissistic person will stress over petty things. They will compare your butt size, breasts/chest, vagina/penis and expect it to be picture perfect.

Most of the time they consider themselves to be Greek God/Goddesses and can’t stop looking at themselves in the mirror while having sex.

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