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Kim Jong-un makes visit to cosmetics firm with wife


Kim Jong-un makes visit to cosmetics firm with wife

Image copyright KCNA via Reuters
Image caption The broadcast on state media said his father Kim Jong-il visited the factory in 2003

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has taken time away from the confrontation with the US and allies to visit a cosmetics factory in Pyongyang.

He went to the newly renovated factory with senior party members and his rarely seen wife, Ri Sol-ju.

The site was visited by his father and predecessor Kim Jong-il 14 years ago.

The visit was broadcast on state media, one day after US Defence Secretary James Mattis said his country would "never accept" a nuclear-armed North Korea.

Image copyright KCNA via Reuters
Image copyright KCNA via AFP

Mr Mattis said any use of such weapons would be met with a "massive military response", while visiting Seoul on Saturday.

Tension has risen on the peninsula over a series of North Korean missile and nuclear tests and escalating rhetoric between Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump.

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The visit made a stark difference from the leader's usual photo opportunities with missiles and weapons, as he instead posed with soap and beauty products.

He praised the company and called on it to produce world-class cosmetics.

Image copyright kcna via reuters

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