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7 Early Warning Signs Your Kidney Aren’t Working As Well As They Should


Our kidneys are vital organs, they have many function in our body; like maintaining the bodies toxicity level and maintaining the bodies hydration and deciding which vitamins should be excreted or send back into circultion. But despite their use and essentially to your system their symptoms of malfunction are usually difficult to identify, they are subtle and almost unidentifiable. It is important to know that kidney function declines with age and this malfunction effects bone health as well.

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1. Swollen faces, ankles, feet or other:

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If your body is retaining fluids than that’s a sure way to know that something is wrong with your kidneys. One of the main ways your kidney maintains the acid/alkaline balance of your body is by the regulation of water, so if the excretory system of your body isn’t working properly fluids accumulate in your body. Usually, swelling can be seen in the ankles, feet, or hands area. Your legs might experience swelling as well.

2. Changes in your urine’s appearance/frequency etc:

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Of-course when trying to find out urinary problems of the kidney it is important to pay attention to the output of urine. This would include paying attention to the color and frequency of the urine. So if your having kidney issues you may see the following symptoms;

  1. Urination is difficult for you, you may experience pain in the lower region of your back while urinating.
  2. You see blood in urine (maybe not regularly but at often enough intervals and more common than not)
  3. Urination may occur less frequently and when it does it appears dark or blackened.
  4. On the other hand, an increase in urination and a lighter color (watery appearance) can also indicate a problem especially if this can not be attributed to drinking a-lot of water.
  5. Urine has a foamy or bubbly appearance. (This can often be attributed to a urinary tract infection as well, make sure all symptoms are present before you start thinking you have a kidney failure.)
  6. You wake up at night and urgently need to urinate.

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3. Nausea and Vomiting:

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It’s understandable to be nauseated if your kidneys are letting waste store into your system (this is often called uremia) of-course being normally nauseated without the combination of some of the symptoms don’t say that your suffering some issue that relates to kidney failure or issues.

4. Pain in your legs and lower back:

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If your kidneys are the cause of your pain and discomfort than its going to be located in the back of your legs and may even travel to your lower back and can even either embody as muscle tightness to actual significant pain.

Kidney stones often cause extreme pain usually in the small of the back. Pain may also attribute to kidney infections and may even be a bladder infection and in some cases the kidney and liver may have also developed cysts which can also cause a good bit of pain. Cyst develop in ovaries as well, and cause several complications.

5. A bad taste in your mouth:

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If your kidneys are failing to remove toxins (we discussed uremia a little while ago), it is possible that this causes a metallic taste in your mouth and might even result in bad breath. You may also feel that the food you eat doesn’t taste the same (Meat most often high meat consumption attributes to kidney stress along with leafy vegetables). This can dull you appetite which causes you to lose alot of weight at once.

6. Itchy rashes:

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With the accumulation of uric acid and waste products in the body the skin often ends up with itchy rashes. Rashes, are though, a vague symptom that can be caused by a number of factors but the rashes that are caused by kidney troubles and malfunctions are deeper and tropical treatments cannot cure them.

7. Anemia:

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As mentioned prior, your kidneys produce red blood cells stimulating EPO. Without EPO, you can not make enough red blood cells and hence resulting in anemia. Anemia has a wide range of symptoms, this includes feeling winded, out of breath, chilly (Even if the environment is warm) And very dizzy. The reason for all of these symptoms is a lack of oxygen, which is the primary function of red blood cells.

Why do kidneys malfunction?

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It could be because of an acidic diet (a kind of diet that most of us have) A new study shed slight on the problems that can be caused by an acidic diet or a high meat -rich diet. The study followed fifteen hundred people with kidney diseases for a period of around fourteen years. People having a high meat content diet came close to kidney failure.

What precautions can be taken?

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As indicated by the study it is best to avoid meat content containing diets,and it is best to keep acidity out of our diets as well. As mentioned prior, kidney failure is accompanied by old age, it is often best to keep in close check with a doctor regarding kidneys. Sugar patients should be very vigilant in regards to kidneys as well, as the increased stress on the kidneys can attribute to kidney related complications . Heavy drinking can often cause kidney stones as well, and is often accompanied by several complications, which can include severe pain in lower back area.

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