8 Reasons Why Successful Women Have The Worst Love Lives


Finding love, overall, is a matter of luck. For some, it comes easily; they find the one who are meant for them at an early age and live happily ever after. For some, it comes slowly; they find love after several trials and failures while some of them look all their lives for that special one and end up realizing they’ve been in front of them all along. And so, love is a matter of luck, but some patterns can always be observed.

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The successful women looking for love usually end up drawing the short straw. Doesn’t that sound crazy right? But it’s true. And many women end up wondering why? We at Born Realist believe there are reasons for this and so we’ve compiled a list of 8 reasons why the most successful women have the worst love lives.

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8. A strong women is independent and her goals are her first priority:

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“Sweetheart marry your goals.” R.H Sin

In the world we live, it is impossible to achieve anything if you aren’t committed to the cause or aren’t ready to sacrifice everything for it. And so successful people in general usually end up shedding weight they do not need to carry. For successful women it is the same. For them their dreams come first, their goals are priority, love is always, forever, secondary. And while this kind of thinking is necessary, people usually don’t stick around long if they aren’t given enough attention, or are not prioritized. Men especially, don’t end up waiting for women, and because of this, most successful women have long lists of lost lovers, ones they left behind to achieve a good lot more.

7. Love was never a part of the big plan:

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Every successful person has a plan, they follow it vigorously, with absolute belief and unwavering commitment. If you truly believe in something, in climbing a particular mountain, so to say, you will put everything aside to work for it. Most successful women have lived their lives working on their big plans, and love was always considered as hindrance. Studies show that most successful women don’t indulge themselves in serious relationships but instead opt for flings and one night stands. And because of this they never end up making love a priority, it affects all their relationships in general, leaving them shallow at times, and temporary.

6. A strong woman is choosy when it comes to man:

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And why shouldn’t she be? Life hasn’t been easy for her, she’s one in a million and she knows her worth, if you want her you must come to her level. A woman of class wants a man of class, in-fact deserves someone on her level, and so her options are extremely limited. Most men do not wish to settle down because commitment has always been difficult for them. And especially wealthy successful men who are successful as women prefer flings over committed relationships. And because of this successful women usually end up alone.

5. She doesn’t tolerate B.S:

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A successful women, independent and fierce, does not tolerate any kind of abuse from anyone. Successful women are usually self dependent and have through the course of their lives, learned to stand up for themselves, they are not afraid to pack up and leave, and they know their worth. And while most women, dependent and frail, are ready to compromise in several matters, independent women are usually not. According to a study in developing countries, an increase in education has led to an increase in divorces, while this is essentially sad, it also signifies a rise among women.

4. It’s hard to fool her:

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Successful women, from the core of their existence, are intelligent. They have learned to weed out lies and do not tolerate cheaters. They are difficult to fool and see through deceptions and lies easily, leaving most men in the dust without as much as a second glance, and again, they know their worth, they aren’t fans of second chances and aren’t afraid to start from scratch.

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3. A strong woman is unique, and too much for most men:

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Strong women are attractive because of their uniqueness, they stand out in crowds and their energy is felt. But what most people seem to forget about them is, that like all of us, they are human as well, and so they are also prone to mistakes and imperfections. This ingenuity of successful women, hinders their love lives. They aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and usually difficult to digest that your partner can be strong and immovable at that same time. Most men prefer average women, who speak less and admire more.

2. A successful women will never boost a man ego:

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A strong women, cannot by her basic nature, boost a man’s ego, she is independent, self reliant, and self sufficient. In-fact at times most women find themselves at an odd junction in their relationships. Men find themselves on edge around them because these women are more successful than them, this usually bruises most males ego. And so, because of petty differences, and to no fault of their own, strong women eventually end up without a partner.

1. A successful women is mature beyond her years:

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Strong women are usually mature beyond themselves, and because of that they can never connect with their peers the same way other women can, and so are usually left alone among crowds, because men their age usually can’t compete or understand them, it is a well known fact that women mature faster than men, and so the gap just simply increases causing problems for successful women to find suitable lovers.


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It is important to have goals in life, and success should always be a priority, and as mentioned at the start of the article it is important to understand that love is more a matter of luck than circumstance. So, it’s pointless to beat oneself over something that isn’t even in our control. It’s important to know that their are good people out there, and there’s someone for everyone. So, it’s best to concentrate on our lives than to find a lover.

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