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Here Are 12 Signs You Should Take Your Pet To The Vet


We treat pets as our babies. They are the crucial part of our families. However, just like babies, our pets cannot communicate their pain or tension to us. But if you’re a good parent you’ll know when your pet is in pain or discomfort. You’ll know when your pet is showing symptoms of sickness or animal diseases. We at Born Realist will help you identify some basic signs that will tell you when is the right time to take your pet to the vet instead of searching the answers on the internet.

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Here are 12 signs which indicates that you should take your pet to the vet.

1. When They Refuse To Eat:

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We believe despite any sickness you should take your pet to the vet once in a while for routine checkups. But if your pet is refusing to eat for a few days, it is a serious matter and you should consult the vet immediately. Refusal to eat could also be complimented by other facts like; fatigue, vomiting, nausea and refusal to drink. A lack of appetite could refer to a few conditions like; tumor, infections, mouth or gastric problems and even parasites.

2. When They Are Extremely Thirsty All The Time:

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In case, you don’t know animals like cats and dogs who eat dry food, normally drink more water as compared to other animals. Observe how much water your cat drinks. Less intake of water can lead to dehydration but if your cat is drinking more than 120 ml water a day then there is a chance that your cat has diabetes or kidney problems. The average water dogs drink on daily basis is about 20-70 ml of body weight. And for cats its 60 ml including the moisture in the food.

3. When Your Pet Keeps Hiding:

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All pets are different. But if your friendly and outgoing pet starts hiding in dark spots and under cupboards, then there is a sign something is wrong with them. Excessive desires to hide may be connected to feeling unwell, especially if your pet refuses to eat, go to the toilet or seems depressed to you. Usually, when cats are attacked by fleas they feel stressed and hide in dark.

4. When They Show Sudden Aggression:

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If your friendly outgoing pet has suddenly become aggressive and moody, then take it to the vet, before punishing it. Dental pain, arthritis, injuries, infections and other body pains can cause your pet to act moody and aggressive. This is the time when your pet needs your love and affection the most.

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5. Frequent Urinating:

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If your pet has suddenly started to urinate more than normal or their urine color has changed then these are symptoms that there is something wrong with your pet. You should immediately take them for a checkup. Usually, puppies and aged dogs urinate more. But some other health factors that could prove worrisome are kidney diseases, urinary tract infections, and diabetes.

6. Your Pet Licks Itself Too Much:

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It’s normal for animals to lick themselves, but if your cat is excessively licking itself, then maybe the part it is licking is affected by allergy, the area its licking is itching or hurting internally. Another reason why your cat is licking itself is maybe it is stressed or depressed. If your dog is licking itself between the paws or the tail area or the hips then its a sign of an allergy. If your dog is licking inanimate objects or the floor, then it is suffering from gastrointestinal disorders.

7. Your Pet Has A Weird Eye Infection:

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If you see your pet with a red eye, discharge from eyes or an eye prolapse then it is suffering from severe bacterial infections. Yellow and green secretion from eye means there is an infection and a white secretion suggests a viral infection. Other diseases related to eyes could also suggest, allergy, corneal diseases or neural infections.

8. Your Pet Sleeps Longer Than Usual:

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Cats are known for sleeping 13-16 hours per day when they are bored. But there could be other reasons also like, stress, leukosis, lyme disease, peritonitis, and feline immunodeficiency virus. It’s better to take your pet to a vet to confirm the symptoms. If your dog is sleeping for prolonged hours then it could be suffering from thyroid gland problems and infections.

9. Their Coat is Altered:

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Your sick pet might be too sick to lick itself and keep itself clean. The reason could be arthritis. Also, if your pet is shredding too much fur then it could be a dangerous sign that they are suffering from skin infections, malnutrition, lack of vitamins, allergies or even a tumor.

10. Your Pet Has Breathing Problems:

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If your pet is having a hard time breathing even if it doesn’t have any serious health issues, then take it to the vet immediately. Liquid in lungs and other heart issues could be causing breathing problems in your pet.

11. Their Gum Color Is Changing:

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Usually, pets have light pink gums but if the color of your pet’s gums is changing then take it to the vet immediately. Red gums indicate high fever, white gums mean a loss of blood, infections and dental problems.

12. Your Pet Constantly Stares At The Wall:

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Of course, your pet can’t talk to you about their problems or speak out loud. They say things we don’t understand and they see things that we don’t see either. It’s important that you take this sign seriously and consult a vet. A cognitive dysfunction syndrome, dizziness, head injuries, tumors or stroke could be causing hallucinations or multiple illusions.

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