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Ex-boyfriend Slashed Screaming Student 25 times Then Left Her to Bleed to Death a Week After She Dumped Him


A student was slashed 25 times by a bitter ex-boyfriend in the toilet, after which she bled to death.

The victim Karolina Chwiluk, was 2o and studying architecture when she was stabbed to death by her 22-year-old jealous ex-boyfriend, Grzegorz Kosiec, after she started dating another man.

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The victim could be heard screaming ‘ouch’ and ‘stop’ as the blood as her enraged unleashed a lethal knife attack on her. Her cousin Monica Fijak, 42, and her daughter’s boyfriend David Czerwiwski, also got wounded when they ran to her aid and Koisec turned the blade on them

Fijak and Czerwiwski were rushed to the emergency room after the killer fled the scene where they were treated for multiple stab injuries but they were lucky to survive. Ms Chwiluk however, did not. She was declared dead around 11 pm on May 4, 2017, in Limehouse, East London.

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The victim, originally from Poland was a student at the University of Westminster. She was studying interior architecture and part-time working as a waitress at the Polish embassy.

Kosiec, also Polish and working as a labourer first met on Christmas 2014 at the same two-bedroom apartment on Dora street, where she was killed.

She and Kosiec had been dating for a while until this year when Ms Chwiluk had had enough of his drunken episodes. He pleaded with her to not leave him and repeatedly tried to contact her through Facebook and followed her around in London.

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Kosiec was arrested after which he pleaded guilty to one account of murder and two charges of attempted murder. It’s been three weeks since Ms Chwilkuk had broken with him due to his inability to keep a grip on himself under the influence of alcohol, and a week since she started dating another man. He spun out of control when she chose her new boyfriend over him.

“It seems she was unable to deal with the fact that his girlfriend had left him.”

The victim and the perpetrator were on friendly terms when Kosiec decided to visit her on Ms Fijak’s flat where he repeatedly stabbed her in the neck, head and body after she died from blood loss.

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The killer, in his statement, said he could not believe that Ms Chwiluk had left him. The case was taken to the Old Bailey where he is yet to be sentenced for the charges he himself plead guilty to.

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