22 Photos That Show Our Grandparents Were Cooler Than Us


Grandparents are always going to be grandparents, we often treat them tolerably. They also think that Facebook is some kind of notebook and we always nestle with them, explaining differences to them. Their lives were tough and they have seen a lot more than us. They have enjoyed their lives to full and they have been quite fun in their times. Here at Born Realist we have gathered some pictures which dictates clearly how our grandparents have enjoyed in their times.

1. This granny’s on a farm where she smokes, wears pants, and does whatever she wants, and you can’t stop her. (1938)

Image credits: bringdoughnuts/reddit

2. Well he could have become a meme hero if they’d had the internet available in 1952. Who agrees?

Image credits: YellowOnline/reddit

3. My grandpa (on the left) and his friends with beautiful strangers.” (1940s) Well he is getting the time of his life.

Image credits: fezzi123/reddit

4. My grandma and her mate during the Second World War. Not less than any man, go girl!

Image credits: alexanderbatman/reddit

5. My grandpa in California, sun isn’t the only hot thing besides him.

Image credits: mikedacheesehead/reddit

6. My grandparents in 1945. Well they got married, stayed married till 45 years and met again in heavens in 2012.

Image credits: Running Mama/pinterest

7. My grandpa and a car he stole from the Nazis. He must have got the guts for such a task and he owns it like a boss.

Image credits: ksm2721/reddit

8. Don’t mess with this granny from North Dakota. She has got the skills and balls to blow your head off.

Image credits: iNikkor/reddit

9. Well he has got the style, he can wear leather jacket with shorts and doesn’t give any rat’s ass to anyone. (1950’s)

Image credits: galacticbreeze/reddit

10. My grandparents and their motorcycle in 1950s.

Image credits: SignorSarcasm/reddit

11. Going to a costume party and you must have thought your grandparents must have dressed like two old people.Well have a look here!

Image credits: kittenkisses/imgur

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12. My great-grandpa (in the middle) with his band in Argentina at the end of the 19th century.

Image credits: Jul_is_Cool/reddit

13. Crazy granny in 1940’s. You gotta keep up with such craziness or you gonna be left behind.

Image credits: Kgran0418/reddit

14. My granny was a traffic controller. She would live to be almost 100 years old.

Image credits: joycey11/reddit

15. My grandpa and my mom, all ready to go and ready to ride.

Image credits: unknown author/imgur

16. My grandpa studying at law school in 1950’s.

Image credits: fredzbob/reddit

17. My grandma, doing her welding job during Second World War.

Image credits: anonymous-horror/reddit

18. Grandpa after a robber’s arrest. He have got some toughy looks.

Image credits: UristMcUrist/imgur

19. A picture from 1930’s, well they are killing some time.

Image credits: turdboner/reddit

20. My granddad having the features of that current time, a book in belt and cigarettes in between lips.

Image credits: chants/reddit

21. Tony Danza, Sylvester and Frank Stallone, and my great-grandpa (on the right) after a gym workout.” (1979)

Image credits: unknown author/reddit

22. My granddad on left looking exactly like hipster of this time.

Image credits: igedditreddit/reddit VikaOvcharenko/depositphotos

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