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33 Extraordinary Historical Pictures Guaranteed to Leave You Stunned


While history is full of memorable events, there are some worth remembering and mentioning in future a head. Here are few rear gems of photograph for you to go on a journey back in time.

33. 1935: 7th King’s Hussars regiment’s new recruits balancing in wooden horses

Image Credit: canalblog

32. 1946: Romanian Back Healing Therapy Using a Bear

Image Credit: imgur

31. 1965: Salvador Dali Kissing Raquel Welch, the actress’s Hand

Image Credit: imgur

30. 1950: Lipstick Test

Image Credit: tumblr

29. Napoleonic Wars on 7th September 1812: Only Existing Photo Of The Witness Of Bordino Battle

Image Credit: radikal

28. 1912: Rugby Helmet Quality Test

Image Credit: picturahistoria

27. The Great Depression era: Flour In Printed Cloth By Producer After Finding Out Poor Mothers Sew Their Children’s Cloths From Flour Sacks

Image Credit: imgur

26. 1937: The Difference Between Two Classes

Image Credit: imgur

25. 1980: Opening Ceremony of Summer Olympics (XXII) in Moscow

Image Credit: thehz

24. 1947: Peter Freuchen, Polar Explorer With His Partner

Image Credit: pinimg

23. 1939: Picture Of Einstein Chilling On Beach

Image Credit: arastiralim

22. 1934: Acrobats On Empire State Building Performing

Image Credit: whaleoil

21. 1918: Military Electricians Group Photo

Image Credit: blogspot

20. 1952: A Perfume Spraying Machine

Image Credit: metrouk2

19. Alice Liddell, The Inspiration Behing Alice In Wonderland Adventures

Image Credit: odaaniepce

18. 1974: Robian Williams (right) In Central Park During Early Days Of Acting

Image Credit: imgur

17. 1956: Animal Therapy Using Ducklings

Image Credit: ndsstatic

16. George Aird Ejecting From Plane After Losing Control

Image Credit: imgur

15. 1939: Egyptian Princess and Iranian Queen, Fawzia Faud

Image Credit: photobucket

14. 1954: Miss New Zealand Fell Unconscious During Posing

Image Credit: fc2

13. 1928: World’s LArgest Horse

Image Credit: d3

12. 1904: Ernest Hemingway Fishing as a Kid

Image Credit: theredlist

11. 1960: A Young Woman From Iran

Image Credit: googleusercontent

10. 1955: Sound Proof Booths in a Shop For Listening To Music

Image Credit: d3

9. 1962: Tronto Maple Leaf Players Searching For Jack Evans’ Contact Lense

Image Credit: googleusercontent

8. 1987: Workers Shifting Apartment Block In Romania

Image Credit: ribalych

7. 1915: Lumberjacks in Portland USA

Image Credit: wp

6. 1965: Sophia Loren In Moscow

Image Credit: livejournal

5. 1949: Inuit Girl With Her Huskie On Back

Image Credit: twimg

4. 1885: Statue Of Liberty’s Head Being Unpacked

Image Credit: onemorepost

3. 1962: Gagarin in Carlsberg Factory

Image Credit: d3

2. 1979: Robin Williams In A Cheerleader Dress

Image Credit: eastnews

1. 1900-1920: Picture Of Nordic Sami People In Front Of Lavvu Tents Posing

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