8 Pubic Hair Myths You Need To Stop Believing


Well girl’s life is already quite tough while dealing with their bra size, monthly periods, pregnancy, much discrimination and sexism. Moreover the very obvious thought is that a woman need to remove all her body hair while men can run around like hairy bears and no one bothers. This is just so unfair! There have always been some rumors regarding pubic hair revolving around in the air, that women need to get rid of all the body hair as tit is detrimental to their health. Call it your bush, your happy trail or your magic carpet, many names are present for it, but here are few myths that you need to stop believing right now.

1. Protection Against STDs

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Pubic hair is actually a breeding ground for the bacteria. There is no chance that removing all the hair will give you a cleaner area because it is a fact that hair provides bacteria. Researchers, though haven’t found what type of bacteria or germs exists in the pubic hair but studies do show that there is a handsome amount of bacteria in Duck Dynasty-style beards. Many women assumes incorrectly that pubic hair provides protection from many genital warts and STDs that is a result from skin to skin contact. You should know for the fact that pubic hair alone cannot protect from dangerous disease like STDs says Sejal Shah a dermatologist in New York city. In fact it is a thriving ground for the bacteria, an HPV present in man’s pubic hair can create issues related to HPV in females.

2. Sex Becomes Less Enjoyable

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This differs from woman to woman. Many believe that pubic hair provides less friction between the sheets while making sex time a bit smoother as pubic hair does provide some cushion and help protect the area. It depends on how much intensified sex a woman demands, some women prefer intense feels and that only happens when you are hair free. You can get direct stimulation without the hair and it all depends how much a woman requires to reach orgasm and the hair may not provide any hindrance in the process.

3. The Color Of Pubes Matches The Color Of Hair On Head

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This one is the classic one, do you think the curtain matches the drapes? If you really want to know look at the color of your eyebrows for some accurate prediction. As pubic hair intends to match more with the color of eyebrows except that the texture of pubis is a bit courser.

4. A Full Bush Is A Turn Off

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It depends on your partner more likely but there is a chance that it could be a turn on because it is full of pheromones. The sebaceous glands that are present in hair bearing skin secretes an odorless secretion which when mixed with bacteria produces a scent called pheromone. It will produce more of an odor if you do not groom your hair because bacteria are going to be present there. People who are sensitive to smells might find it attractive and make them growl for you.

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5. They Never Stop Growing

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The hair do stop growing when they reach a maximum point of growth. Basically it will stop growing when they reach a certain point and will shed and new ones will grow. Women who go through menopause will experience hormone deficiency and will lose hair or could go completely bald. And the hair will become much sparse and less densely populated around the area.

6. Shaving If You Have Sensitive Skin

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If the hair are really close to the skin do not use some emollient shave cream or you would more likely be prone to nicking the skin. The bacteria present will have access to get under the skin which can cause infections and bumps. If you want a smooth skin, consider other methods of removing hair like waxing or hair removal creams.

7. Being Hairless Feels Better

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It all depends on personal preference but there is a point of wisdom here that you should let your hair do it’s own thing rather than have razor bumps, itching and ingrown hairs which definitely do not feel good. There is no way to deny this judgement.

8. You Can’t Enjoy Oral Sex

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There is no hindrance caused by pubic hair during oral sex like there is no restriction during regular intercourse. It becomes more intimate and fun when you opt for being all natural. It can also drive your partner crazy because of the pheromones it secretes if he is much sensitive to smells and odors.

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