Here Are 17 Unexpected Things That All Women Find Attractive In Men


Tall, Dark and Handsome, these are the words usually used by women to define their ideal man. It may seem like women just love masculine man with thick locks and perfect smile but that’s not true for all women. As every person on this planet is different, so is their choice. There are exceptional cases where you can’t really guess what woman find attractive in a man. They don’t really follow the same trend of going after the ‘perfect man’ defined by society. You might not even know what feature or personality trait woman might love about a man. Born Realist has created a list of unexpected things that women find attractive in a man.

17. Not Every Women Go After Toned Bodies:

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As a man you might be insecure about your weight and body. You might think, not being in perfect shape would never get a woman’s eyes land on you. This is where you are wrong. There are women out there who don’t like perfectly carved bodies; some women find that little belly of their boyfriend more attractive than muscles. So don’t be upset about being a little out of shape, you never know when a woman might come along, who’ll love you this way.

16. Sweat Pants:

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Not every women like men in suits and fine dining. Some women just like a man they can be comfortable within their home, sitting in front of the TV with sweat pants on. Suits might be a onetime charmer but a man cannot always remain in suits. Find out that woman for you who’ll find you attractive even in sweat pants at the comfort of your home.

15. Men Who Don’t Freak Out About Period:

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Men usually freak out talking about period as it might be an alien thing and not a natural phenomenon that every woman has to go through on monthly basis. Women are attracted to men who don’t think you are a weird creature when they hear about your periods, instead they help you sooth you in that terrible time.

14. Ankles:

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This might look really weird but did you ever sat down with a group of women and discussed the things they find attractive in a man. You will find out many weird things only to know that yours is just as weird as theirs. Yes some women find specific ankle shape of men attractive.

13. Sleepy Voice:

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While a man might be conscious about his voice and talk to you only when he gets fresh and his voice is back to normal, there are ton of women who love to hear your sleepy voice. They actually find it really sexy, so men work on your sleepy voice.

12. Veins Peaking Through Muscles:

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You may not like your veins prominently peeking through your arm muscles. But not every woman find them weird. Some women just love those masculine veins peeking through your arms, making them instantly attracted towards you.

11. Handy Men:

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You might be really handsome but your being lazy would be a turn off for most women. They just love men, who can be handy around the house, help with shopping, fix the sink, and hang the frames. At the end of the day women always go for the men they can be dependent on.

10. Hands:

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Usually men are the one attracted to beautiful tiny hands of women. There are women who just go after the man with nice hands. Your face and body might not have attracted a woman but your nice hands can still make her go out with you.

9. Comforting Hugs:

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If a man knows how to give a tight hug that would instantly comfort her than she is yours. Features are something that matter for the time being, at the end of the day woman want to be with a man that can sooth them and feel them relaxed. A good hug can make women forget most terrible things.

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8. Playing Sports:

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There are women who are into sports and if you do play that specific sport that she love then half of the job is done and she is already attracted towards you.

7. Serenading Voice:

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Your voice might not be beautiful but the way you beautifully sing for her is going to make her knees go weaker and swipe off her feet.

6. Calloused Hands:

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A man who works hard have calloused hands and women find those hand far more attractive than anything else, especially when they are covered with the grease or oil.

5. Sweat Stench Of A Hard Working Day:

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You might be cautious going in front of a woman, stinking from all the work you did all day but some woman actually love that smell of yours that symbolizes your hard working nature. Woman always go for the man who seem to be working hard and knows what he is doing.

4. Good Vocabulary:

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Some women just love men who incorporate long complicated words in their vocabulary, it shows their level of intelligence.

3. Men That Love Kids And Puppies:

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Usually men are uncomfortable around children and puppies. Women always find men attractive that know how to take care of kids and pets alike. Basically women love men who are family oriented and they can easily start a family with them.

2. Neck:

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Your long peaking neck will attract some women. They just love it when they can find the perfect neck to place a hickey.

1. Older Men:

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Some women are attracted to those men who have had years of experience and know what they are doing with their life. They think that such men would guide them through the hardship of this world.

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