12 Mistakes You Should Avoid In Order To Look Great In Photos


To take photos is a great art and skill. Photographers work hard on every small detail so that they can produce effective results. But giving the best possible pose is not less than an art or mastery. The skills of giving write poses and the way you present yourself matters the most. In this article, we will highlight some of the major mistakes you often make while posing for the shots. An important point to keep in mind while posing for shots is to maintain certain body angles and postures. We at Born Realist highlights the mistakes that you should avoid in order to look great in pictures.

12. Do Not Cross Your Arms:

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One of the common mistakes we usually make while posing for photos is crossing the arms. When you cross your arms, it conceals the whole expression of your body. This mistake will not define your body line clearly which eventually results into a blur and tedious image. So while posing for photos avoid crossing arms. Instead put your arms down and slightly apart. It will define your neck shape giving the clear outline and better expression.

11. Watch Your Posture:

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Another mistake people make is having an undefined posture. It usually happens when you are leaning your whole weight against the object or not resting on your spine.It makes you look fat and also shortens your neck. It will not look appealing at all in that way. What you should do instead, is to rest on your spine and stand half turned to the camera. If you are sitting then bend back at your waist instead of leaning on the chair. It will give a definite look to your snaps.

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10. Change The Angle:

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Changing angle can greatly affect your photos. While giving a shot, do not sit your knees facing the camera. It will make your body look shorter and silhouettes look extra bulky. To fix this problem, you should turn away from the camera in order to fix the angles. It will help you give a proper tilting shape. Putting your one leg above the other will avoid your legs blending together.

9. Put Your Chin Forward:

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An important point should be kept in mind while taking photos, is to make your neck visible. When you tilt your head way too forward, it hides your neckline. It will result in undefined images not giving a perfect look. To avoid such mistake first, do not tilt your head and keep your head straight and equal to your body.In this way, your overall image will be defined.

8. Keep Your Body In Frame:

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Do not turn your body away from the camera. If you will turn your body more than needed, it will make your shoulder look more narrow and rounded. Also, it will make your waist look wider. The solution to this is that turn your body three quarters towards the camera. It makes you look much slimmer and your overall expression will be improved.

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7. Your Arms Position:

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If you are taking a shot while sitting down, then be aware of the position of your arms. Cross arms give rough and foul expressions. So in order to look elegant, you should rest your elbows on your leg. Your one leg should be placed over the other and then your elbows resting on your knees. Then your one elbow should be placed on your neck vertically and other resting on the knees horizontally.

6. Create Visual Lines:

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In order to have good photos, you have to create some visual line that can maintain and define your pose. e-g standing straight with your arms loosely will not define your body language. So in order to correct this mistake try to create visual and just to be creative while giving a shot.It will highlight what really matters.

5. Combine Curved And Straight Lines:

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In order to enhance your photo quality, play with your angle and postures. Play with your curve and straight lines. For example, sit in semi- profile position facing the camera, place your hands on your knees and look onto the other side of the space giving a candid smile. This will highlight your expression and body in an effective way.

4. Avoid Baggy Stuff:

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In order to have a vibrant click, be selective in your clothing. Baggy stuff will hide your body details and make your body difficult to spot. But in case if you have worn baggy clothes, place your hands on side of your belly. Put your one hand slightly above than other so your wrists could be highlighted. It will refine your shot.

3. Imitate Touching:

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Imitate touching such as putting your palm on your face is not appealing at all. Imitate expressions, in general, can contribute to your shot a lot but if the hand’s positions are correct. The gestures should be made in such a way so that it should not hide your facial expressions.

2. Emphasize Your Face:

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Placing fistful hand against your head will make your pose look really unnatural and rough. So in order to avoid this, place your extended fingers giving a gentle touch to your face. To make your fist relaxed just place them freely and gently beneath the chin.

1. Avoid Placing Elbows:

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Keep in mind that never show your elbows while giving a shot. Pointed arms look short and unnatural. And never place your elbow on your shoulder. It gives an image a burdened tiring and heavy look. So if you want to avoid this, place your hands in a plain side and then highlight the area which you want to be focused. So here are the 12 tips and tricks in order to take good shots. We hope that it will help you effectively and you will have better snaps for the next time.

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