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10 Signs You’re In Love With The Right Person


“Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.” ~ Albert Einstein

Being in love is one of the greatest gifts life has to offer.

There’s a reason why that unique (often elusive) someone is called a soul-mate: because they indeed make us complete in this area.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to be in love understand both the excitement and the responsibility of it. Many of us, at a certain point, went through a contemplation period wherein we questioned our feelings of love.

Contemplation and questioning are only natural. Love is a big thing. It is equal parts exciting, rewarding, and scary. (Regarding the last, who hasn’t felt a little fear for their health and safety?)

The meaning of the word love is very subjective, but we can say for sure that anyone who’s experienced it knows it’s the best feeling ever.

While attempting to quantify and define specific “signs” of love is an ambitious (impossible?) task, we nonetheless believe this endeavor to be worthwhile.

The following ten items may offer some words of comfort, gratitude, and reassurance in your relationships. We sincerely hope that these words will bring about some of these stirring feelings and emotions.

Here are ten signs you’re in the love with the right person:

1. They’re the best part of your day

No matter how good or bad the day is going, our special someone has a way of making it better. There’s something quite magical about our loved one in that their mere presence makes us feel more at peace. There’s something quite thrilling about them too, as our favorite pastime (e.g., movie watching, eating out) is a lot more exciting and fun when they partake.

2. You worry often

Love is equally exciting and scary, remember? Well, it’s only natural that we worry for our soulmate on occasion. You’ll feel that anxiety in your gut when they start a new job, leave for a trip, or embark on a new life path. You’ll feel a bit of apprehension about their health and safety too.

3. You’re always touching them

It doesn’t matter if you two are on the jumbotron – you’ll happily display your affection by touching, kissing, and caressing. Even non-touchy-feely types will often find themselves feeling or holding whatever appendage of their partner happens to be available.

4. Their pain is yours

That’s right: the whole thing about owning your pain goes out the window the moment you fall in love. We can’t honestly hold onto something if someone else refuses to let go.

Love and pain are inseparable. And it’s the most beautiful (albeit, heart-wrenching) type of pain, too.

5. You’re ready to throw down

“Who said/did that to you?!?!”

We pride ourselves on being peacemakers here, but tell us there hasn’t been a time when you were ready to bull rush someone (even a group of “someone’s”) who hurt your sweetheart.

Note: It’s the worst feeling when you go after the wrong person. It’s also incredibly embarrassing (believe me.)

Yeah, about that…

6. You’re protective

Listen, if you’re that mellowed out gal or fellow who lets everything just “be,” even with your partner, count yourself lucky.

We innately protect the people we care for. Smitten men especially are overprotective when it comes to their woman. There’s a fine line, however, between being protective and overbearing – don’t cross it!

7. You’re kind of gross

There’s no delicate way to put this, so we won’t try. You’ll burp, fart, bite your nails, and demonstrate sub-optimal hygiene in front of your loved one.

In other words, your little idiosyncrasies come to the surface. Permitted that these imperfections are not deliberate, they can be part of what makes you unique in the other person’s eyes.

8. You think about the future

Okay, so thinking about the future is a bit obvious – but nonetheless important. It’s only natural that, after a period of time, some consideration is given to the days ahead. Maybe it’s having a lovely home, starting a family, or bettering yourself when the time comes to settle down.

9. You want to be a better person

In the movie As Good As It Gets, Jack Nicholson brilliantly portrays a cold, OCD-diagnosed recluse who manages to insult just about everyone.

After insulting the woman of his dreams, who then promptly demands a compliment in lieu of leaving, Nicholson says with the utmost sincerity: “You make me want to be a better man.”

While Nicholson’s hapless character almost screws things up again, this epic scene sums up the life-changing power of love.

10. You feel on top of the world

Let’s not get too carried away, here. You’re going to have good and bad days; the latter sometimes exceeding the former. But after the dust settles, and your soulmate is at your side, you’re back on top of that mountain.

And it’s an ever so glorious view.

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