Here Are 7 Reasons You Should Embrace Your Inner Average And Still Succeed


You are special. There is no one like you. The traits you possess and the qualities you are bestowed with are not given to anyone else. A lot of people lack self-confidence. They do not know their worth. They feel that they are good for nothing and hence they keep on criticizing themselves. This is the completely wrong attitude for spending your life. You should embrace yourself. You should never do self-criticism just to make others happy. Here are some reasons are given why you should start embracing your inner self which is quite average. And you will succeed too. So, give them a read and try to follow them:

7. Good Enough Already?:

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The mindset and surrounding in which you grow up usually forces you to think that you are just average people. You would not be able to do anything special in your life. You were sent in this world to lead an average life. The ones who are special are not like you. All of these sorts of thoughts are fed up in your mind since the childhood. And since such thoughts are continuously fed in your mind you also start believing this thing. But that is not the right thought process which should be there in your mind.

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You should start considering your abilities and knowing that what you possess is not what anyone else can do. The qualities which are bestowed on you are not what others have. And if someone tries to keep you down you should know that you are good enough already.

6. Trying Too Hard?:

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It’s a proven fact that there is a clear-cut difference between being special and trying really hard to appear as one. The ones who try really hard to become special by hook or by crook are at times the real snoozers. In today’s world, it has become a trend that you should look like a certain way.

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Your height should be this meters long, your weight should be this much, your hair should be shinier and the list goes on. Because of the constant pressure, today’s generation is striving really hard to become the way the world demands them to be. You should think about the lifestyle you are living or following and if you find a single thing which will show that you are trying extremely hard to make others happy you need to stop doing that immediately.

5. Allow Yourself To Relax From Other Influences:

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Getting the first position, looking exceptionally good and having all the good things embedded in you has become the need of the hour. That is a boring thing and you need to stop looking at life in that light. A wise man once said: “why try to hit a home run every single day? Your standards should change with the sunrise, sometimes taking a shower is the real home run”. Never allow yourself and others to call you average. You are the one who has all the rights to become whatever you want. Stop allowing other people to have an influence on you and your life. You should be the only one who should be allowed to live and do whatever you like according to your own will.

4. Average Bananas Also Get Eaten:

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The amount of effort you put in to look extra special also gets eaten by others. You are always trying out ways to look good or look like the one who will grab all the attention but there is no point in doing that. You should know special people are also eaten and thrown away like bananas if they don’t realize their self-importance. The average ones also get the attention at some point and people do put their sight on them too. So, stop trying to become the one you are not and you will gain success then too.

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3. Be Special To Yourself:

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The people who keep on saying that there is no need to try on new things are the real idiots. But that does not mean that you should not give a try to new things. You are special and the qualities you possess are not present in everyone. You need to know that the things which you can do are the ones which not everyone is capable of doing. Sit down in a corner once and make up your mind. And once you are done with doing that start appreciating yourself, The qualities which you have been bestowed with are ones might not come back once they will be lost.

2. You Are Better Than Others:

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The constant need and the try to become better than others is what has made people mad in today’s world. People are just trying to prove the world that they are better than their fellow beings. And if you are also one of them then you need to stop thinking and living your life that way.

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ou are better than others there is no doubt about that fact, but this thinking that no one can become better than you are completely wrong. Stop thinking that way and you will see yourself reaching new heights of success.

1. You Can’t Pin Amazing On Me:

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Strong people usually try really hard to prove themselves right. For them what they can do is not what everyone else can do. If you are an average person you need to develop that thinking for yourself. So, start considering yourself and your abilities more than just average. And if others will try to put you down you should knock them down. So, take a strong stand for yourself. And consider yourself the best even if you are not.


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In a nutshell, it can be said that if you are brave and confident in your own skin then you will have no worries to face. There would be no negative consequences for you to encounter. So, start embracing your average self and success will all yours.

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