Here’s Why The Word Unhappy Should Not Be In Your Vocabulary


Life is an amazing blend of happiness and sorrows. One day is nice then the other one is rough. There are days which are extremely tough which makes you unhappy. The road seems very tiring and torturous when you are having a bad day or when everything seems going on the wrong track. But such things should never stop you or create any hurdle on your way to attain your goals. This world is full of unhappiness. Every day some of the other things happen which brings down the energies of you. But those things are what makes you stronger. You should not allow such things to make you feel bad about anything. Down below several reasons are given which will prove to you that why the word unhappy should never be a part of your dictionary and what you should do to overcome that:

12. Whining:

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Whining is a self-strengthening thought. When you will feel good about yourself you will automatically start having a surety that whatever will happen to you will not last long. If you will keep on having the thoughts that you can not do anything good with yourself or in life than that is only what you will think about and it will not allow you to stay happy. So, start adopting a whining conduct and you will stay happy in your life.

11. Self Confidence:

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Self-confidence is the key to success. When you are confident enough in yourself no one can carry away the sparkle from your life. If you will lose the confidence you have you will always stay unhappy. Happiness requires you to make up your mind and focus on all the positive things. But at times you lose self-confidence and you do not realize that at times but that actually takes away all the happiness from you. So, if you want to keep up the self-confidence you should eliminate all the unhappy stuff from your life.

10. Less Patience:

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It is a proven fact that patience makes a man rich mentally and physically. But because of all the ill things or situations that occur in your life, you tend to start living unhappily. Whenever a bad situation happens you feel everything has been ended and because of that the happy moments of life just vanish away. So, try to be calm and happy in every deal of your life and in that way you will become successful too.

9. Restlessness:

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Restlessness makes a man good for nothing and eventually he is not able to do anything. If you will be unhappy than you will remain restless for the rest of your life and in every zone of your life. It is a well-known fact that no one likes to stay restless in their life. So, elevate all the negativity and things which bring restlessness to stay happy in your life.

8. Anxiety:

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With your happiness comes anxiety. Anxiety ruins the peace of any person. You are not able to do anything in your life. You are always stressed out because of every little thing around you. There is no point of having anxiety about anything in your life. It will destroy all the happiness and you will always feel unrelaxed and on your toes.

7. Travel:

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Travelling is an extremely part of one’s life. When you are unhappy you do not feel like moving from one place. Travelling makes one well aware of the happenings of the world but it requires when to be mentally happy. If you are not happy you will not go out or do anything in your life. And it will result in something bad happening to you eventually.

6. Unhappy Because You Tell That To Yourself:

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A lot of times you feel unhappy because that is what you continuously tell yourself. Hardships are a part of life. They will come every then and now but that does not mean that you should sit quite in a corner or bash yourself that you are not capable of doing any good. And a lot of times because of the same reason you stay unhappy as you keep on reminiscing about your past. So, stop telling your self that you can not be happy and delete the word unhappy from the dictionary of your life.

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5. Question Yourself:

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If you feel or like to stay unhappy most of the time then you need to question yourself a very serious thing. That whatever you are doing with your is it worthy of paying that much attention? Is this problem actually that important to you as much it is taking away the energy from you? Someone rightly said: “Don’t be afraid to harness your emotions to drive you towards the answer to your one and only question: why am I here?”Sit silently away from the word and try to find the answers to these questions. You will surely know that staying unhappy can never be a good option for all your issues.

4. You are A Champion:

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As the famous quotes say: “Champions can’t be unhappy because they have removed the word from their vocabulary.” If you want to live your life just the way champions live then start ignoring the word unhappy from now. Because a champion has an attitude of a warrior. A warrior never bows down in front of hurdles. Happiness is a choice which every individual has to make. If you want to become the real hero of your life start ignoring all the aspects of your life which try to bring you down. In this way, you will become a champion and will always stay happy and at peace.

3. Lack Of Determination:

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The determination is one of the vital things which an individual needs to have if he wants to become successful in his life. But when you are let down by others then you start feeling unhappy and unambitious about every little thing in life. Always keep in mind the famous quote: “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”If you want to achieve something in life delete the unhappy button and keep up your morale so that you would not have to face failure and unhappiness ever.

2. Lack Of Motivation:

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Norman Vincent Peale rightly said about motivation that: “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.” If you dream of attaining something you can actually have it. Where there is a will to get something there is always a way out the present. If there is actually a chance present in one million that you are able to do something and just to keep yourself away from ending it, just do it. Just pry into the door or if needed, wedge your footsteps into that door and open it as far as needed. This thing should be in your mind when you are about to achieve something in your life. But unhappiness makes you less motivated about each and everything in your life. So, eliminate the word unhappiness to become prosperous.

1. Self Defense:

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Self-criticism is healthy and so is self-defense. You should always stand for both for your own betterment. But everything looks good in limits. If you will keep on pointing fingers about every little thing that you do in life then you will not be able to stay happy ever. And unhappiness is the root cause of the issues in your life sometimes. Stop living in the state of unhappiness and you will start praising yourself and your abilities.

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