Here’s What Your Period Says About How Long You’ll Live


A recent study reveals that the age at which you get your period for the first time actually reveals your lifespan. Yes it looks weird and you’ll be thinking how periods can reveal your lifespan? But through the experiments it has been proven that they will tell you how much you are going to live.

If you still don’t believe us, just read these points mentioned below about periods which shows how periods can tell about lifespan:

11. Research:

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A research published in a journal called “Menopause” states that the researchers looked at the data from Women’s Health Initiative. Which included a long analysis of around 16,000 postmenopausal American women.

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From that research, they concluded that the participants who got their periods for the first time at the age of 12 or a bit older and the ones who experienced menopause at around 50, had a very strong chance of living up to 90 years.

10. Health Issues:

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Aladdin Shadyab, an author of the journal “Menopause” said in a press meeting that our team has conducted a research and from that we concluded that the women who get their periods at a small age get lesser encounters with health issues.

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Take care of your health to stay away from all the problems created because of the menstrual cycle.

9. Later Age:

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The women who get their periods for the first time at a later age are more likely to have more encounters with many sorts of diseases. Like coronary health disease.

8. Smokers:

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There are many reasons of late periods. It can be because of smoking or they might have a history of diabetes.

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Further, Aladin Shadab said that we need more research to be done that will determine the reason behind the relationship present between the two.

7. Healthy Habits:

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Healthy habits always lead to a healthy lifestyle. If you will maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will feel ever young. No disease will come closer to you. Eat healthy stay healthy, that’s the only motive we all should follow for the lifespan.

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Now in this scenario, if your eating and drinking habits are healthy you will have a healthy menstruation. And a healthy menstruation means a tension-free, long, happy, and a very healthy life.

6. Blood Circulation:

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Menopause has a lot to do with the blood circulation in the body. Blood is an extremely important organ. Women who do not have a proper menstrual cycle are likely to die soon then the women having a proper menstrual cycle.

5. Proper Routine:

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A proper routine is always helpful in all the great things. Routine helps you to stay active and happy throughout the day. If you will have a proper routine you are more likely to have a perfect menstrual cycle which eventually helps you in living a longer life.

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4. Exercise:

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Exercise has done no harm to anybody ever. It has so many advantages that most of the people are not able to comprehend. But those who are familiar with its advantages are living a happy life. Doing exercise also helps in maintaining proper menstrual cycle which is directly proportional to a long life.

3. Eat Healthily:

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Eating healthily is extremely important in living a good life. It minimizes the chances of getting sick and you hardly indulge in harmful diseases. A good and healthy routine always helps in a regular and on time menstrual cycle which will eventually help you in living a long and healthy life.

2. Be Happy:

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Whatever you decide to do just make sure that it makes you happy as your happiness has to do a lot with a lot of things. If you really want a happy life you should just focus on all the positive things around you simply ignore the negative things that make you feel sad. Try to cope up with all the situations. Stress-free life is always helpful in having your periods on the right track. And when that is happening there is no point in you dying sooner in life. So, if you want to stay happy, healthy, and want a longer life try to stay happy as much as possible.

1. Conclusion:

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Hence, in a nutshell, healthy lifestyle, exercise and happy life helps in regular menstrual cycle. A proper menstrual cycle can control your whole lifespan so start taking care of your periods routine if you want a tension free life.

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