18 Amazing Facts About The Human Body That Will Make You Feel Like an Expert


Our bodies are complex machines, perform hundreds of functions even when we’re sitting idle. Your eyes are blinking, your heart is pumping blood, your brain is constantly thinking, your fingers are scrolling this article, your lungs are respiring, your kidneys, liver, and stomach are all performing their own specific functions.

In this article, Born Realist has collected a few unbelievable facts about your body that will utterly blow your mind away and make you wonder how.

1. Kneecaps:

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It might be surprising to you, but do you know newborn babies don’t have kneecaps. The muscle first appears as a knee cartilage which later develops into a kneecap by the age of 3.

2. The Cornea:

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Surprisingly, the cornea is the only part of your body that does not get its oxygen supply from the blood, instead, it depends on air.

3. Try Tickling Yourself:

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For once try tickling yourself and you will observe that you don’t laugh at all when you tickle yourself. The reason this happens is that your cerebellum sends signals to your body to avoid the irritation.

4. The Brain:

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There will be people who will tell you that a human uses their brain only 10% on average. Don’t believe it. This is just a myth, in fact, you use all the parts of your brain. Your brain uses 20% of oxygen and 50% of glucose that enters the body. It also spends a 20% share of the total energy that your body has.

5. Snow Blindness:

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Snow blindness is a rare condition where the patient cannot see in bright light.

6. Breathe From One Nostril:

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Most of the humans breathe from one nostril only. The shift of the nostrils is changed after every 4 hours.

7. Muscle Size:

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Despite a lot of gym exercise and hard, reducing muscle size can be twice as hard as gaining muscle weight.

8. Facial Expressions:

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Approximately 25% of muscles are situated in the neck and face region. This is a reason your facial expressions are so rich and easily interpreted.

9. Red Haired Women:

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You’d be surprised to know that the hair of red-haired women is used to create hygrometers (Special devices to measure air humidity).

10. The Mystery of Eyes:

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It’s true your pupil dilates when you fear something. The scientific reason behind this is that your visual field is increasing, enabling you to better estimate your surrounding environment.

11. Light Bulb Brain:

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You cannot gainsay the power of the brain. Our brain has enough energy to light up a bulb.

12. Color Blindness:

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Yes! Color blindness is an actual thing and despite the research that says it’s only found in males, women also suffer from color blindness. In fact, the gene is also inherited from mothers.

13. One Step At A Time:

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According to research in order to take on single step forward, your body uses 200 muscles altogether. However, the number could vary based on every person’s anatomy.

14. Skin Regeneration:

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Your skin naturally regenerates itself after every 28 days. In a lifetime an average human sheds 40 kg of skin.

15. The Bones:

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A newborn child has more than 270 bones. During the growth process most of the bones merge into each other later resulting in 206 bones that are found in adults.

16. Human Hair:

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Human hair has a lifespan of 2 to 5 years. However, some have the capacity to live up to 7 years.

17. The Human Heart:

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In one years time, the human heart pumps enough blood to fill an Olympics swimming pool which is over 2.5 million liters.

18. The Liver:

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The liver is able to get back to its original shape even after the removal of 75 % of its tissue.

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