Reliving ‘Home Alone 2’ moments 25 years later


Reliving 'Home Alone 2' moments 25 years later


WATCH Reliving 'Home Alone 2' moments 25 years later

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the famous holiday film “Home Alone 2,” ABC News’ Michael Koenigs ventured to the Plaza Hotel to reenact some of our favorite Kevin McCallister scenes.

Since the film’s premiere, gone are the days of Kevin’s Talkboy and VHS tapes while the location of Duncan’s Toy Chest, based on the F.A.O. Schwarz toy store, is now an Apple store.

The day consisted of pranking the concierge with audio of Kevin mimicking his father’s voice in order to get a room, trying to find the pool, and visiting the Royal Plaza Suite, one of the most expensive hotel rooms in New York City at $40,000 a night.

Hotel staff told ABC News that during the production of the movie, carpeted floors were removed so actor Macaulay Culkin could effectively slide, but the tiling revealed underneath was the original flooring of the hotel.

Then-owner of the hotel, Donald Trump, liked the tiled floors so much that he kept them.

When visiting the luxurious Royal Plaza Suite, Koenigs devoured an ice cream sundae that was served to him in bed, just like Kevin did.

The visit ended by tipping the doorman in gum and heading off in a white limo with a cheese pizza in tow.

The Plaza Hotel is offering a “Live like Kevin” experience package this holiday season, starting at $895 a night for the over-the-top sundae room service, a visit to their interactive photo experience, and “Home Alone 2” themed swag.

For additional purchase, guests could tour New York City in a limo with a map of everywhere Kevin visited, access to Wollman Ice Rink, express passes to the top of the Empire State Building, and more.

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