Jodie Foster’s ‘Black Mirror’ Episode Previewed in ‘Arkangel’ Trailer


Jodie Foster's 'Black Mirror' Episode Previewed in 'Arkangel' Trailer

"The key to good parenting is control."

Netflix has released a trailer for the Black Mirror season-four episode directed by Jodie Foster.

Entitled "Arkangel," the episode stars Rosemarie DeWitt as a mother whose child goes missing at the neighborhood playground.

Thankfully, her daughter reappears, but she then turns to technology to make sure such a terrifying mishap never happens again.

"Response so far is just incredible," it is said of the initiative in the trailer. “A sense of security, peace of mind. The stories we’re hearing are just truly inspirational."

However, it seems that activating the safety measure requires injecting a syringe directly into the child's head.

Black Mirror season four is set to premiere on Netflix this year. Watch the preview below.

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