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Emmys Return to Monday in 2018


Emmys Return to Monday in 2018

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Primetime Emmy Awards
Primetime Emmy Awards

The telecast, back on NBC, will once again try to avoid 'Sunday Night Football.'

Some potentially good news for the Emmys — the TV kudos are returning to Monday.

NBC, which has broadcast rights to the rotating telecast in 2018, confirmed Tuesday morning that this coming year's awards show will air Monday, Sept. 17, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. It is a clear move to avoid any interference with fall flagship Sunday Night Football, still broadcast's crown jewel despite widespread ratings fatigue for primetime NFL.

The Emmys last aired on a Monday in 2014. At the time, NBC and the TV Academy's decision raised eyebrows and (for some) blood pressures. Several series had to shift production to accommodate the workday event, and executives and publicists openly fretted about downtown Los Angeles traffic interfering with their Emmy commutes to the Microsoft Theater. But, after all that hubbub, the event went off fairly seamlessly.

Another big concern about the previous Monday move for the Emmys was ratings. Many predicted that the early start time on the West Coast, combined with traditionally lower viewing levels for that night of the week, would sink the telecast. (They ended up being the second-most-watched Emmys in a decade, averaging 15.6 million viewers.)

One thing is for sure: The Emmys need something to goose ratings. The last three years have all floundered with fewer than 12 million viewers, solidifying its status as the ugly stepchild of the big award shows. The kudocast no longer approaches the other big three — the Golden Globes, the Grammys and the Oscars.

NBC and the TV Academy will announce a host at a later date, but expect someone from the Peacock's comedy stable to take the gig.

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