‘Mad About You’ Revival in the Works


'Mad About You' Revival in the Works

Yes, Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt would be attached.

Almost two decades after Mad About You's seven-season run wrapped, producer Sony Pictures Television Studios is eyeing a potential revival for NBC's beloved show.

Sources confirm to The Hollywood Reporter that the independent studio has had informal talks for a potential eighth season of the Emmy-nominated comedy that starred Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt. No deals are in place and a network is not currently attached. Sony TV declined to comment.

Both Reiser, who co-created the series alongside Danny Jacobson, and Hunt would return for the revival. NBC, which aired all seven seasons of the comedy, is not currently in the mix for the reboot, which would be set in the present day and follow Paul and Jamie in the wake of their 17-year-old daughter's (Mabel) college acceptance. (That would also indicate that the series finale, which jumped ahead two decades, would be totally disregarded a la the Will and Grace and Roseanne revivals.)

During its seven-season run, Mad About You was a breakout hit for NBC, garnering multiple best comedy series Emmy nominations (and wins for lead actress Hunt), a Golden Globe and a prestigious Peabody Award. The series wrapped after seven seasons when NBC moved it to the network's sagging Monday night lineup. (Hunt and Reiser earned $1 million an episode for season seven, making the ratings hit a tougher pill to swallow.)

For his part, Reiser recently reversed course about the idea of a Mad About You revival. In October, Reiser said that he and Hunt were talking about it: "If we can find the story to tell, and anybody's interested, I'd be open to it," he said, adding that the idea of his kids growing up and leaving the house was of particular interest. That came after years of anti-reboot sentiment from the actor, who always cited the show's two-decade flash-forward to provide resolution to what happened to Paul and Jamie as part of a larger goal at the time to avoid going back to the well.

For its part, Sony TV produced a Mad About You adaptation for Chinese audiences and an Argentine remake in 2016. (The news comes as Sony TV is shopping a Party of Five reboot.)

Reboots and revivals continue to remain in high demand as broadcast, cable and streaming outlets look for proved hits in a cluttered scripted landscape nearing 500 originals. Key to the revivals is having the original producers involved (which is the case with Sony TV and Reiser). Revivals come with a built-in viewership, making them easier to promote (and a bit cheaper to market).

The news comes as NBC has hit ratings and awards season gold with its Will and Grace revival. The series, which sparked revival talks after the stars and creators reunited for a Hillary Clinton campaign video, was renewed for another season before its premiere. NBC is also reportedly eyeing a revival of The Office — without leading man Steve Carell.

Other recent reboots include The Gilmore Girls, One Day at a Time and Full House (Netflix); Roseanne, American Idol (ABC); Star Trek, The Twilight Zone (CBS All Access); Dynasty (The CW); and MacGyver (CBS), among others.

TV Line first reported the Mad About You news.

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