Drunk man’s New Year’s Eve taxi ride through three countries


Drunk man's New Year's Eve taxi ride through three countries

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Image caption The Oslo man had been drinking in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark (file picture)

For most New Year's Eve revellers, the post-party regrets are limited to a nasty hangover.

But one Oslo resident is likely to rue his exploits well into 2018, after racking up a taxi bill of 18,000 Norwegian kroner (£1,640; $2,220) while tipsy.

The 40-something passenger's trip took him through three countries, from Copenhagen in Denmark, through Sweden, and finally to Norway's capital, Oslo.

Once home, he failed to pay the driver.

The furious cabbie found himself stranded after his battery went flat outside the man's residence, and promptly called the police.

Oslo Police – who told the tale in a series of tweets – said they found the fare-dodger asleep in bed. When officers woke him, he agreed to cover the bill.

The man has no previous criminal record, according to Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

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The journey from Copenhagen to the Abildso neighbourhood of Oslo is at least 600km (372 miles). He should probably consider a flight next time…

And the driver? Luckily, a recovery vehicle arrived to help him out.

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