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Social Media Management for Realtors

Social Media Management for Realtors

Social Media Management for Realtors

Are you using social media to promote your real estate business? Do you know if your efforts are actually working?

A good social media management strategy will help you stay on top of your online profiles. It will also ensure that your messages are reaching the right people.

Ready to grow your business and online presence? Read on for some great tips on social media management for realtors:

What Is Social Media Management?

Social media management for realtors (or any businessperson, for that matter) is all about networking and monitoring your online presence. It involves building relationships and replying to the messages you receive online.

It’s not just putting up a Facebook post once a day. You need to make sure you’re engaging your audience and sharing posts that help boost your bottom line.

Why Is Social Media Management for Realtors Important?

If you’ve been in the real estate business for some time, you know that word of mouth is key to success. A good reputation can help you sell more homes and bring in new buyers.

Social media takes word of mouth to the next level.

When you have a solid social media strategy, you can tap into what’s being said about you and your brand. Plus, it’s a great way to learn about your competitors and your industry.

Good social media management helps you build credibility and increase brand awareness. It can also bolster your other digital marketing efforts and improve your search engine rankings.

Social Media Management Tips

Social media management for realtors is a pretty labor-intensive process. Some of its key aspects include:

  • Creating a variety of content for your blog
  • Monitoring views
  • Approving and responding to comments
  • Scanning social media sites and choosing which conversations to join
  • Research to stay on top of the latest marketing strategies
  • Checking Google Alerts to see who’s talking about your business online

As you can see, there’s a lot to keep track of. This is why so many realtors struggle with these things.

Luckily, we’re sharing our best tips for social media management for realtors below.

Build Your Brand

First, make sure your brand is consistent across all your profiles. This will strengthen your brand and make it easier for clients to spot it.

Use the same headshot or photograph for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

You’ll also want to pick and stick with a consistent color scheme for your website, social media pages, and promo materials.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

If you want to make it in the real estate world, you need to set yourself apart from your peers. Build your reputation and become an expert in your field.

Don’t just talk about the homes you’re selling. Share information that your clients and potential clients want to know.

Write blog posts that give people a peek into what the industry is like behind the scenes.

For instance, you can share tips on how to obtain a new Florida mortgage. You may even want to consider publishing an e-book or hosting a webinar to set yourself apart and build credibility.

Stay Engaged

Make sure your engagement goes beyond just posting articles or photos on social media.

Communicate with your followers, answer their questions, and find out what they want to know more about. Never pass up on an opportunity to build relationships.

Even if someone isn’t looking to buy or sell right now, if you take the time to reach out them, they’ll remember you in the future when they are ready.

Post Consistently

Make sure you’re posting on social media regularly. This helps you establish credibility with your followers. It can also improve your search engine rankings and help people find you online.

Aim to post at least once a day. This can be tough at first, especially if you find yourself struggling to think of what to write or share.

This is why so many people rely on a content schedule to help with their social media management efforts.

Spend some time brainstorming post ideas. Then, create a calendar and plan out what you’re going to post each day. This helps make the posting process more efficient.

A content calendar also makes it easier for you plan ahead. You’ll be able to align your posts with upcoming events or holidays.

Keep It Local

When it comes to social media management for realtors, don’t forget that your content needs to have a local focus.

Your target audience consists of people who live in your area, or who want to live there, so make sure you talk it up.

Promote other local entrepreneurs or talk about your favorite coffee shop or restaurant. Your audience and potential clients will appreciate these posts, and which will help set you apart from your competition.

Join the Conversation

Make sure you pay attention to what people are saying on various platforms. Are people talking about local real estate on Twitter or in certain Facebook groups?

Turn on your Google Alerts for certain phrases. Dedicate some time each day to scanning various platforms to find out what people are saying, and jump in when you think it’s appropriate.

Measure Your Success

What’s the point of putting all this effort into social media marketing if you’re taking the time to measure your efforts?

Check in with your metrics once a week to see where you’re traffic is coming from. Use Facebook Insights and Google Analytics to track post engagement and find out what your followers like and don’t like.

This gives you great insight into your audience. It also helps you avoid wasting time or other resources on posts or ads that aren’t effective.

Work with a Professional

If you’re still struggling to keep up with your social media accounts, team up with a professional social media manager.

Look for someone whose sole job is to promote your business online. He will pay attention to what people are saying, which can help lighten your load. This way, you’ll have more time for other aspects of your business.

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