Late-Night Hosts Offer Their Takes on This Year’s Oscars


Late-Night Hosts Offer Their Takes on This Year's Oscars

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Jimmy Kimmel, the Oscars host himself, and other late-night personalities discussed everything from Frances McDormand's award being stolen to Harvey Weinstein's absence.

Late-night hosts across the dial took a quick break from their Trump material to discuss Sunday night's 90th Academy Awards.

Jimmy Kimmel recapped hosting the "monster production," on Monday's episode of his eponymous late-night show, and revealed a few behind-the-scenes details.

Unbeknownst to Kimmel, his mom spent the weekend making glitter-covered, Oscars-shaped cookies. "She then packed the cookies in disposable Tupperware boxes and smuggled them into the show," Kimmel said, adding that she passed them out to various guests.

"She gave Steven Spielberg a cookie and he ate it, which really just goes to show, even when you're 50 years old and hosting the Academy Awards, you can still be embarrassed by mommy," Kimmel quipped.

Kimmel's right-hand man Guillermo was also at the Oscars, making sure to interview — and provide tequila to — a slew of celebrities on the carpet. The ABC host revealed the segment during Monday's show.

Over on CBS' Late Show, Stephen Colbert gave Kimmel his "theoretical congratulations," since he admitted he wasn't able to watch or attend the Oscars. Harvey Weinstein also wasn't present, and as a result, Colbert said everyone could breathe easier.

"Without Weinstein, the biggest threat there was getting nailed by Armie Hammer's hot dog cannon — which I think is also the plot of Call Me by Your Name," Colbert joked.

The CBS host also congratulated various winners such as Jordan Peele and Allison Janney, but said he was disappointed Greta Gerwig didn't win for her directorial debut. Colbert also pointed out the gender disparities among those who did score an Oscar.

"Of the 24 awards, women only won six," Colbert said. "I mean, what happened? Did the women blow all their lady points on the first female Colonel Sanders this year?"

Later on The Late Late Show, James Corden also relayed his congratulations to not only the host, but The Shape of Water's Guillermo del Toro for his best director and best picture wins.

Corden also addressed a popular subject among the late-night hosts — Frances McDormand's Oscar being stolen.

"The thief was stopped by Wolfgang Puck's photographer," Corden said. "And the weirdest part of this story is that Wolfgang Puck has a photographer."

Comedy Central's Daily Show host Trevor Noah also joked about the stolen Oscar and the man, Terry Bryant, who was allegedly behind it.

"When we said we wanted black people to get more Oscars, this is not what we had in mind," Noah joked, adding that his favorite moment of the night was Peele's win for best original screenplay.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon didn't dedicate much time to the awards show, though Fallon said its three-and-a-half-hour runtime was "longer than most jobs last in the White House."

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