‘The Voice’: More Battles Bring the Heat


'The Voice': More Battles Bring the Heat

From left: Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton on 'The Voice'

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The night ended in another show-stopping steal.

The battle round continued on season 14 of NBC's The Voice on Tuesday, with celebrity mentors Julia Michaels, Trace Adkins, Shawn Mendes and Hailee Steinfeld joining Team Adam, Team Blake, Team Alicia and Team Kelly, respectively.

For the first battle of the night, Kelly Clarkson paired Amber Saur and Jorge Eduardo and had them sing Steinfeld’s own song, “Starving.” Clarkson said she paired them because they both sing with a lot of passion. In their stage rehearsal, which coaches attended for the first time this season, Clarkson seemed pleased with both artists’ work on the duet.

In their battle, Saur and Eduardo sang a bit of the song in Spanish, which was Eduardo’s suggestion. Blake Shelton thought Saur stood out a little more than Eduardo. Clarkson ended up going with Eduardo, and Saur went home.

The next battle of the night came from Adam Levine’s team. He paired Davison and Reid Umstattd, who are two very different singers, but made for an interesting vocal matchup. Levine had them sing “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna, because he thought it would challenge them. In rehearsal, Umstattd noted that Davison could deliver on the emotional front, so he worked on that aspect of his performing.

The two artists delivered a solid battle with their understated performance that highlighted their technical skills. Shelton praised Umstattd’s falsetto and Davison’s runs, adding that it was pretty even, though he’d pick Davison. Levine ended up choosing Umstattd, and Davison was eliminated.

In battles that were not fully aired, Jaren Strom beat out Bransen Ireland on Team Blake; Johnny Bliss beat out Megan Lee on Team Alicia; and Jemella beat out Teana Boston on Team Kelly.

For the final battle of the night, Alicia Keys paired Jordyn Simone and Kelsea Johnson and had them sing “Don’t Let Go” by En Vogue. Keys said that the two artists have similar voices on the surface, but that both bring different things to the table. Mendes predicted that they’d be the best performance of the night during their rehearsal. Mendes and Keys both coached them on finding the dynamics in the song as well as the feeling.

Mendes’ prediction came true, according to the judges. “Your voice sounds so lived-in,” Clarkson said to Johnson, adding that Simone had incredible power. Keys picked Johnson as the winner, leaving Simone on the chopping block. Levine and Clarkson went in for the steal. “I only have one more steal left, and I choose you for that,” Clarkson said. Levine pointed out that he had said Keys should have picked her in the first place. Simone picked Team Adam in the end.

The Blind Auditions continue next week on NBC. What did you think of Tuesday night’s performances?

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