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Marble furniture for your Home


The word is eaten by ancient Greek marble, that is, “shining stone”. During the Homeric era, it had the meaning of a large boulder, regardless of the composition of the rock, and later with the development of the petrographic and geological concept, it was used to cover those categories of rocks derived from the transformation of limestones or dolomites.

In the category of marbles there are various rocks, of various colors, mined in blocks, plaques, polishing and glazing, as well as porosity, alabaster, onyx, carved stone or not, shale and limestone slabs and the like rocks used for structural and decorative purposes.

From time to time we have been dealing with various building materials, or materials that can change the aesthetics of our space. One of the materials our country has honored in all areas, sculpture, architecture, decoration, jewelery and generally a material we especially love is marble.

What we have to recommend is that we should start to see the marble over a point in the bathroom, either from a kitchen counter. Its aesthetics, its color combined with the possibilities we are now given, can be used in various forms. Think about it…

Our suggestion: ARROW COFFEE TABLE

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