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7 Best Font Generators To Use in 2019



At first, the biggest problem that web developers could face was fonts. If the user didn’t have the specific font that the developer wished to use, then the users’ system would automatically revert the font to the system’s default settings. This was very problematic for developers, as this small problem interfered with their vision of how they wanted their website to look.

However times have changed, and the technology is more advanced now. These days developers use fontface to develop fonts that can be used on their website. They use font generators to convert their fonts into bitmap or SVG files.

So for this purpose, we have compiled a list of the best online font generators that web developers could use to get their desired fonts.

Best Font Generators 2019:

1) Fontvilla (Fancy font generator):

fancy font generator

The number one on our list of “the best font generators in 2019” is definitely Fontvilla. Based on the reviews of the users and critics alike it is the best font generator currently available.

The Thing that makes Fontvila different from all the other font generators is that it is written in Unicode. This means that the text that website outputs can be directly copied and pasted without a problem.

These days simply copying and pasting fonts can be very difficult, as most online font editors use ASCII which is much more difficult to copy and paste. With the hundreds of templates and effects that fontvilla provides you, you can easily make the type of font that you desire.

It’s also super easy to use just type your text in the dialog box and press the conversion box, fontvilla will do the rest. So, if you’re a web developer or someone who wants to create a fancy font, than fontvilla is definitely the website that you should use.

When we saw the amazing user experience that Fontvilla fancy font generator gave, we had to make it number 1.

2) Prototype:

Prototype is a website that anybody can use to design their fonts. They have a plethora of templates to choose from. In prototype, each letter can be specifically adjusted and designed to your liking. Best of all, this service is absolutely free.

in prototype you can even sell the fonts you make. in other words, you have complete rights over anything that you create. The templates along with real-time character editing makes this a worthy contender in 2019 for the title of best font generator.

3) Stylish text generator:

If your in the market for a font generator that will create a distinctive and stylized version of your text than stylish text generator maybe the site for you. Stylish text generator has the ability to transform your simple text into unique characters. You can even decorate them with different ASCII symbols. It’s a great website for anyone who is looking for a quirky font design.

4) Glyphs:

It’s an amazing app that lets anyone make fonts, because of it’s user-friendly interface. it’s one of the best font generators for a beginner or even an expert. It includes tons of features.

The best of which are, drawing and then digitizing your own fonts, real-time font editing and adding color to your fonts. However unlike most of the font generators that we’ve covered so far this one comes at a price of about 250 euros, which is a little expensive. Check out Glyghs here

5) Fontello:

Fontello is an open-source and a free website that offers some amazing features. It basically turns images into fonts that can be used on websites.

Because of this feature, the images or fonts are not pixelated. It also provides a convenient way to change your fonts easily with its integration with CSS.

6) Gigaglitters:

It is an online tool that converts your text into a font with amazing glitter effects. With a bunch of different glittery effects to choose from, you can edit your text in any way that you want.

7) FontArk:

Font ark uses its advanced browser-based technology and software to provide you exactly the type of font that you want. The best part is that it is supported on almost all major browsers. It’s also super easy to make your own fonts on fontArk.

They even did an event in which they designed their own custom fonts every day for a week. The Only problem that a user may face is that it is still in it’s a beta version, so users may need to take some precautions.


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