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Josh Elizetxe; The Young Entrepreneur Who Has Been Building Empires Since He Was 11



Josh Elizetxe had been adamantly ambitious since a very early age. His business oriented mind allowed him to build something great at the young age of 11. Since then, his entrepreneurial endeavours have only been more and more successful. Success that eventually led to his now well known oral care company, “Snow” ( With its many celebrity fans and investors, Snow has been able to compete with giant companies like Colgate and Crest, and is touching newer ceilings every day.

Who is Josh Elizetxe?

Josh has always been aiming for the stars; He grew up in West Phoenix where he graduated as Valedictorian from Alhambra High School. At just 20 years, he graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Barrett Honors College and W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State. Josh was an active part of the community even when he was at ASU. Josh was proud of his heritage and was an active and proud member of the Hispanic Business Student Association and was also a part of the Business Ambassadors.

His optimal performance in school posed no hindrance in his entrepreneurial adventures. He created Foresold, an internet advertising company when he was just a teenager. But he didn’t stop at the success of the agency. In addition to running the agency and managing dozens of team members and Fortune 500 projects, Josh with his hard working team built several owned and operated internet companies. After dabbling in several arts, Josh decided to sell the agency side of his business and allow Foresold to just focus on creating and/or acquiring internet businesses.

But Foresold was just the beginning of Josh’s exciting career.

How Successful is Josh?

No words are enough to describe what Josh has accomplished up till now considering that he is just 27 years old. His work ethic would put most people to shame as he made his first website for a client at just 13 years. However, his first big paycheck came from an advertiser who chose to run ads on his blog that he started at the age of 14.

As years proceeded, Josh only became more ambitious. He started his aforementioned online advertising agency at the age of 16; an agency that became quite successful, quite fast. That success led to him landing a Fortune 500 client by the time he turned 19.

That wasn’t enough for Josh. He sold the agency for over 8 figures at the age of 20 to focus on something more, something that would affect the lives of other people for the better.

He worked hard for 3 years and finally created his first rendition of Snow’s early mouthpiece. Snow became a part of his multi-million dollar business, Foresold, which is a private portfolio. The fame of Snow was able to land two celebrity clients by the following year, Rob Gronkowski and Chuck Liddell.

By the time Josh turned 25, Snow brought in a revenue of over $25 million. His goal is to create a company big enough to rival and break the monopoly of a few oral care brands and it seems possible today more than ever. In just 2018 and 2019, Snow showed tremendous growth and continues to do so even today.

What Makes SNOW so Unique?

According to Josh, happy customers are what make a brand unique and successful in the market. Which is why he focuses a lot on customer service. Snow provides people with a unique customer experience that would literally, and figuratively, leave them with glowing bright smiles on their faces. He promises fast shipping and even faster customer support so their users always feel heard.

Snow’s packaging is another experience on its own. The product experience of opening those premium packages is what sets it apart from other multinational brands. The careful packaging and the informative instructional guide leads to a wonderful unboxing experience.

They provide an excellent product that people value and enjoy which is why Snow is often called the “Apple of Oral Care”. Their customers tend to continue using their product even after they have successfully completed the 21-day whitening challenge.

Josh aimed to make oral hygiene different and exciting to engage more and more people to eventually help people lead healthier lives and he believes that so far Snow has been fulfilling that aim. He was able to achieve all that by investing $1.8 million of his own hard earned money into research and development.

Has Josh Faced any Tragedies?

He knew that building successful companies would come at a cost. But what he didn’t know was it would be achieved at the cost of his mental and physical health.

When he sold his agency and invested all his time into his new business, it became quite stressful for Josh. It started to take a toll on him when he couldn’t get more than 4 hours of sleep and he started to feel burned out and tired all the time. He took comfort in food to relieve his stress but eventually those donuts turned into obesity and Josh became 300lbs heavy. His struggle with obesity and mental stress made it difficult for him to work until he finally decided that something had to be done.

He gave up junk and started watching his diet and devote time to his mental health. It was all very difficult considering he was working on his new company. But Josh’s determination made it possible for him to build his company and regain his health over the next year.

Any Quote or “Words of Wisdom” that Josh lives by?

Instead of concentrating on the general assumption that your industry is overcrowded, you must decide to create your own blue ocean within a vast and almost unsurvivable red ocean.

Always think about what you can work on for over 30 years and build something massive.

Don’t look for shortcuts. Nothing can replace years of hard work and consistency.

How Can Josh Make this World a Better Place and What are His Goals for the Future?

He wants to create a generation of entrepreneurs that are not constantly going after the next big shiny object. Instead, he wants entrepreneurs to find their driving passion and purpose and focus on one large project that they can build out for over 30 years. He often refers to the analogy of “hunting rabbits vs. hunting the elephant for the village” when he talks about his “mantra”.

“When you hunt rabbits, it is really exciting – there are a lot of them, and they run really fast, but you have to hunt a lot of them to get enough meat to survive, and there aren’t a lot of other hunters who are going to want to join you. On the other hand, being tactical and hunting elephants feeds a whole tribe, and you can mobilize that tribe who also all want to get behind a hunt like that.”

He is an eager philanthropist and very passionate about giving back to the community. He wants the youth to know that there are people out there willing to provide them with the resources that they need to create something wonderful. This is why he chose to partner with Morton Fleischer, a very successful businessman, to help him with Fleischer’s Scholars program at Arizona State University and countless other colleges. This program is what allowed Josh to learn to take risks and follow through as an entrepreneur during his years in college. It’s main purpose is to help lift young people from “the disadvantaged sector” into the mainstream, by providing them business tips and tools for success.


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