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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (A Book Review)



If you don’t know the story of Think and Grow Rich, it’s a fantastic book, written by one of the most excellent journalists of all time. Here’s a quick synopsis about why this book is the #1 best selling self-help book in the world.

Andrew Carnegie was one of the most affluent men in the world and did business with a number of the other top wealthiest people in the world. Andrew didn’t have time to question what made his friends and others super-wealthy and successful, but he had this question burning inside of him.

So he knew that Napoleon Hill was an incredible journalist and invited Napoleon in for a quick meeting. Well, Napoleon Hill was incredibly broke, but he scavenged for just enough money for a one-way trip to see Andrew. During their meeting, Andrew proposed the question to accept the responsibility to research and interview the fifty richest men in the world.

It was Napoleon’s responsibility to get in touch with these people, set up interviews, pay his way, and compile his research into a book. Andrew Carnegie had a stopwatch underneath his desk because Andrew knew that the #1 trait of the super successful is quick decision making. As soon as he proposed the question, he started the stopwatch.

To speed things up, Napoleon agreed almost instantly to begin this research project, and the result of his research became this book. This book is what caused Napoleon Hill to gain his success and great wealth.

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Why this book is worth your time to read

So why is this book still one of the most excellent selling self-help books? To be honest, it’s because it is still incredibly relevant to this day and age! So, sure. Our technology today is different and more advanced. However, that doesn’t mean that the basics of becoming wealthy and successful have changed. It’s oozing with information that is helpful in any situation.

I mean, let’s break it down for a second. This book isn’t just for entrepreneurs who want to get rich. It has a whole section on creating a cover letter that will, for sure, get you an interview.

Employers are still looking at cover letters almost daily. If you were to follow the guidelines laid out in this book, you would stand head and shoulders above the stack of other applicants. Why? Because most people are refusing to read books anymore since everything is online or their attention span isn’t long enough.

The best thing that this book does is that it focuses on thinking before you take action. But the writer also emphasizes that you must take action to allow things to manifest in your life. The Universe is an incredibly magnificent being that wants to provide for you. If you’re going to become successful, then you have to think of successful thoughts, and this book has it all laid out from the most prominent and brightest people of their time.

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Final Thoughts: Think and Grow Rich Makes a Transformative Impact

Think and Grow Rich is my absolute favorite book, and I will continue to re-read it almost every 3-4 months. It’s the first book that I read every New Year to see what nuggets of information that I can get that I overlooked last time.

If nothing else, it’s worth a read just to see what areas of your life that you could improve on, even if it’s just to re-write and format your cover letter. You never know what it could do until you try it.

Think and Grow Rich provides you a clear direction on how to achieve success. It has improved my life in great leaps and bounds. Allow it to do the same in yours.


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