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15 Ways to Organize and Clean Your Living Space



With the advent of spring, you are probably searching for innovative ways to clean and organize your living space. Winter’s unfriendly cold usually keeps you indoors, and it is natural to allow housekeeping matters to slide a little.

The first glimpse of crocuses and a cheerful robin may invigorate your spirits and inspire you to revamp your dwelling. There is a reason why so many people in America are addicted to home renovation and DIY reality shows on television.

When you watch celebrities clean and organize their clients’ homes, do you make a mental list of the things you need to do? You may not be able to finish all they do in a half-hour show, but you discover new ways to start.

Now that they can do more outside, your family may be doing fewer indoor activities. You will have more time and space to decide what changes you want to make in the house. It’s the perfect opportunity to clean and organize what you could only dream of in the winter months.

Before you jump into a cleaning frenzy, consider drafting an action plan and a list of cleaning supplies you need. If you need to buy things, formulate a budget appropriate for your family’s resources. Here are 15 handy ways to clean and organize your living space.

15 Useful Tips to Clean and Organize Your House

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1. Decide What Really Matters

Many home organizers call this step “decluttering.” Many people find it the most difficult because everyone has their definition of clutter. When you look around your house, do you feel tranquil or trapped in an avalanche of stuff?

You can’t clean and organize efficiently until you do a severe inventory and decide what matters. Within a reasonable timeframe, work in each room to sort and keep only those things that are necessary and bring real joy to your heart. You must force yourself to sell, donate, recycle, or pitch the rest.

2. Recruit Your Family

No single person in your home should bear the burden to clean and organize everything. It is everyone’s job to keep the living space clean and attractive. Get your family involved in helping you to create and complete an action plan.

Here’s a chance to show your children how to organize an efficient home. Encourage them to work by your side to declutter their rooms and family spaces. Even little ones can match socks and complete other small chores.

3. Inventory and Restock Your Supplies

A rainy day’s indoor activities may include seeing what cleaning and organizing supplies you have and what you must purchase. Many housekeeping websites feature cleaning supply lists that you can download for free. Inventory what you have and add what you need to your store order.

Check your cleaning tools such as the sweeper, mops, brooms, etc. to ensure they are in good shape. Consider upcycling old clothes, towels, and washcloths into a pile of handy cleaning rags. The Internet is full of free recipes for homemade cleaning solutions that are friendlier to the environment and your budget.

4. Make a Schedule

Are you one of those impulsive people who like to dive into a project headfirst, then you become overwhelmed? It’s an easy trap to get into when you are spring cleaning. Realize that it took a while for your house to pile up, and it will take a while to get it organized.

Work with your family to create a schedule that’s good for everyone. If you plan to do a little each day, you won’t feel overwhelmed with it all during the weekend. Take your time and work from room to room, top to bottom.

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5. Stop the Wardrobe Malfunctions

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints in family homes is the lack of closet space. When your closets are optimally organized, you may have more space than you realize. This is a significant component of your decluttering project.

Take advice from cleaning and organizing experts and weed through your closets ruthlessly. Maintain a wardrobe of attractive pieces that fit well and can be mix-and-matched to create several outfits. Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, is out of style, or you have not worn in the past six months.

6. Organizing the Heart of Your Home

Like most homes, your kitchen is probably the central hub. When everything in your kitchen is a mess and unorganized, it affects the rest of the house. Allow yourself ample time to create a place that is attractive and efficient.

Since there is a lot of bacteria and germs in the kitchen, you want to make sure to sanitize this space thoroughly.

7. Time for the Bathroom

Since the bathroom is one of the most personal areas in your home, pay special attention to make it tidy and comfortable. This is a room that you must adamantly sort and keep to a minimum.

Take inventory of all toiletries and discard outdated ones, especially makeup. Clean out the vanity and group similar items in small totes or attractive glass jars. Clean the room from top to bottom and maybe treat yourself to some new plush towels.

8. Organizing for the Kids

Most parents realize that kids are messy by nature. While you can’t expect their rooms to be museum quality, they should be relatively clean and organized. Younger children will need more help.

Work with your kids to weed through their closets and encourage them to sell or donate toys they no longer use. Help them decorate their rooms attractively and make their space a fun, safe place they can enjoy.

9. Creating Your Personal Haven

If your bedroom is a disaster, it’s not pleasant for you or your partner. Your bedroom must be an intimate retreat that provides the rest and tranquility you deserve. If you splurge at all, consider using extra funds for this room.

Purge your closets, drawers, and surfaces from anything unnecessary. Clean it from top to bottom and spoil yourself with lush comforters, plump pillows, and delicate linens. Use colors, textures, and scents to create an intimate atmosphere for rest and romance.

10. Spruce up the Family Room

Whether you call it a living room, family room, or the “great” room, this space provides much of your family’s togetherness. If it’s overloaded with clutter, it may not be inspiring to anyone. Here is another group project.

Clear everything from your living room that doesn’t belong and put it in the right area. Clean, dust, and arrange the furniture, so it’s conducive to socializing or watching tv together. Take advantage of as much natural lighting from windows as possible.

11. What a Difference A Can of Paint Makes

Don’t despair if your budget is tight and doesn’t allow for expensive renovations. One of the least expensive ways to brighten a room is with a fresh coat of paint. Look through magazines and the Internet for exciting colors that appeal to you and your family.

Design experts recommend that you choose cool, neutral colors for your bedrooms and shared rooms. Feel free to experiment with an eyepopping color as an accent. Worst case scenario, you can always repaint what you don’t like.

12. Create a Focal Point in Each Room

Even the most expensive decorations offend the eyes if they are not tastefully arranged. You needn’t spend a king’s ransom to create a room that is delightful and inviting to family and guests. Each room needs a focal point to grab immediate attention.

It can be a beautiful mantel and fireplace or a large, stunning mirror. Perhaps you have a lovely picture or grouping that will attract the eye. Use one focal point as a theme for colors and textures of your accent pieces.

13. Shed Some Light on the Subject

After the dark winter days, everyone is ready to let in the sunshine. Replace heavy, dreary drapes with translucent window treatments, or leave the windows bare. Flood every corner of your home with as much natural light as possible.

In the evening, use lamps and candles for warm, ambient glows that will make everyone feel cozy. Clean the dust and debris away from lightbulbs, shades, and windows for optimal lighting. Consider light dimming switches in the master bedroom for a touch of romantic ambiance.

organize your space for sunlight

14. Get the Garage in Shape

Cleaning and organizing the garage is an iconic spring chore, be it dreaded. Sort through all stored items and follow the same decluttering rules. If you can’t move through the garage for all the junk, then it’s just wasted space.

Purchase inexpensive bins for storage and organize all the things on the shelves. Consider installing cheap pegboards for storing tools for easy access. Contact your local safety department about how to safely and legally discard paint, batteries, and other potentially hazardous items in your area.

15. Don’t Forget the Outside

If your porch and yard look like a battlefield, everyone will assume the inside of your home is the same. Clear away clutter and do some landscaping. Add a coat of fresh paint to the porch and plant beautiful flowers for a curb appeal that the whole neighborhood will enjoy.

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Final Thoughts: Use Your Time Wisely in Cleaning and Organizing Your Home

Cleaning and organizing your living spaces takes time and determination. With a plan and family cooperation, it can be done without overburdening one person. Then, you can do some fun things together to enjoy the spring weather.


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