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Why Traditional Education is Dying



Traditional education has been dying since the dawn of the internet.

Ever since the education system accepted the use of computers and the internet, learning was revolutionized. With the combination of learning and the internet. People started to see that learning would be better online.

To this day more and more Online Schooling and Colleges are popping up everywhere on the web. All are changing the education scene. With the traditional education system being costly and not very efficient. Online Colleges are offering the same degrees at lower prices and with the same caliber.

Many successful people have studied online, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Spielberg, Shaquille O’Neal and many more. With most of them taking full advantage of what online classes could do for them. They found out that they could learn more and spend less money and find what they wanted to do. This shows that the traditional system is flawed and not cost efficient. With many more people turning to the future of learning, the traditional scene is being left behind in the dust of success of modern learning.

With the rise of Online learning, many people who could not think about going to college now have a chance of getting that experience that they need to improve their life for the better through the use of Online Learning. Due to the many advantages that online learning provides. It’s almost a no-brainer why more and more people are rushing to the online colleges.

While the traditional learning system has been in the past,there is no wonder why the rise of Online Learning is blowing up. With all of the advantages that it provides. It towers over the traditional system because it is uptodate of the times and the traditional system is completely flawed in almost every aspect.


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