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How to Attract A Man (Without Saying A Word)



The world of dating and flirting can be a complex one. While plenty of people enjoy the single life, many want to find a relationship or at least a person to connect with at the end of the night! But that’s easier said than done, and it can be tough to attract a man.

If you have trouble enticing a man? Don’t demean yourself so quickly. You may be sending subtle signals that indicate you aren’t available, or you may just be having trouble with the complicated universe of dating. Here is how to attract a man – without saying a word!

1 – Speak With Your Expressions

Certain facial expressions reveal your attraction to another person. Whether through indirect or straightforward means, you can convey your feelings and thoughts through a variety of positive expressions. The key is to be flexible and playful.

No matter how nervous you may feel, look at the man you are attracted to directly in the eyes. Some of the ways you can flirt with your eyes are to check him out, hold his gaze, flutter your eyelashes, or open your eyes wide. What he says and how he responds will tune you in on how to change up your expressions. Studies have also found that many people react in a positive way to direct eye contact – it grabs the other person’s attention quickly and facilitates bonding and interest!

Let your eyes meet just long enough to let the other person know that you are interested, avert your gaze briefly, then look back while raising both eyebrows ever so slightly. It is the flirtatious equivalent of a non-verbal hello.

There is nothing more beautiful than a smile, so the saying goes. And different smiles suit different intentions and occasions. For the best leverage, be authentic with your smiles when showing someone that you are attracted to them and want them to approach. Remember, being unique, you will create the most beautiful smiles, whether it is an open smile, a playful smile, a seductive smile, or a chuckle.

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2 – Speak With Your Body Language

If you want to attract a man, there are many examples of body language that you can use to communicate your feelings and intentions. Gesturing with your hands, positioning your body, licking, or parting your lips are a few strategies that you can pull off to show that you fancy the person.

  • Put Your Hands Where Your Hips Are

Indicate that you are approachable by putting your hands casually on your hips. Or show that you are available by uncrossing your arms and positioning them down on your sides in a relaxed way.

Mirroring his movements and how his torso is angled is a clear body language that you are into the guy. Facing forward and pointing your feet toward his direction also express that your full attention is on him.

Keep your hands where I can see them, is a popular tagline in the police force. And for a good reason. Research suggests that hiding your hands inside your pockets or under the table makes it difficult for people to open up to you. On the other hand, displaying your hands to the person you are attracted to is a positive sign that you are trustworthy. If you are feeling insecure about how your hands look, apply lotion regularly, and keep your nails well-groomed to boost your confidence.

Be aware of how your body is positioned when you are with someone that you are interested in. If you intend to entice the guy, keep your body posture open by uncrossing your arms and propping them on the table while leaning your body forward. Overall, research also indicates that an open posture creates more positive levels of attraction to complete strangers.

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3 – Use Subtle, Flirtatious Hints

Deploying the more subtle art of flirting needs a delicate approach and some positive thinking to woo your potential romantic interest. Flipping or twirling your hair, tilting your head, and smelling good are some of the finer ways to attract a guy without confusing him with mixed signals.

Slight gestures to your hair, like stroking, twirling, or tucking it behind your ear, can be appealing to the person you are attracted to when the movements appear natural.

Another non-verbal message that you can send out to the person you are attracted to is with your head tilted to one side while exposing an enticing view of your neck. Tilting your head shows that you are interested in the guy, willing to be in his company, and paying attention to what he is saying and doing.

Whether it is body wash, post-shower mist, or perfume, the key to smelling good lies in using scented products with a balanced hand. It is particularly easy to go overboard with fragrances. And too much can turn off the people you are attracted to. While most people love healthy hair that smells incredible, they are not too keen when it comes to overpowering perfumes.

4 – Use Touch

Physical touch, when done at the right time, duration, and frequency, sends a clear signal that you are attracted to someone. Briefly caressing his arm, gently patting his hand, or brushing your leg against his, are examples of touches that undoubtedly show that you are interested in him.

  • Use Non-Intimate, More-Than-Friendly Touch

Test the waters by gently squeezing his upper arm or resting your hand on his back or shoulder. Check whether he is receptive, reciprocal, or responsive to them and let that lead you.

The accidental-not-accidental touch is a subtle yet potentially effective method of enticing the person you are attracted to. Allowing your hands to collide while reaching for the same thing and letting your leg brush against his are delightfully saucy examples that can seduce even a sophisticated man.

Reciprocal touches lead to increased moments of touching. And these touches become more and more familiar and intimate as they progress.

5 – Consider Appearance-Related Methods

You don’t have to make yourself look conventionally attractive to reel a guy in, and it’s up to you what you do with your body. But the fact remains that human beings are naturally more attracted to people who look conventionally nice or put-together, no matter what gender you are.

Studies show that all genders are more likely to date people they personally feel have a positive or attractive appearance. The chances are that you feel that way about the people you’re attracted to, too!

Choosing the right outfit can make anyone feel confident and look attractive to others. Find clothing that fits your body well and suits your preferences. Whether the date is casual or sophisticated, you cannot go wrong with a combination of sexy and tasteful that makes you feel good.

Whatever you want for your hair, focus on the length and style that makes you feel attractive. Make an effort to keep your mane clean, healthy, and great smelling, too.

However, different our preferences might be; people generally agree that less is more when it comes to makeup. No matter the gender, cosmetic products are meant to enhance natural features and make everyone look more attractive. Be fearless in trying out various makeup looks and choose the ones that suit you best.

Of course, take all this with a pinch of salt. Different people find different things attractive, and there’s nothing wrong with deciding not to follow these tips in your mission to attract a man. After all, you want them to like the real you, too!

6 – Let Your Personality Shine

There are ways to radiate your one-of-a-kind personality without saying a word. Show off your unique traits. Be comfortable in your own skin –it’s a turn on to the opposite sex.

Straight up, confidence is attractive. Owning your attractiveness means you do not need validation. You are neither clingy nor desperate, which makes the person you are interested in want to pursue you.

  • Show Off Your Intelligence

Research supports the idea of sapiosexuality that people can be turned on by intelligence. So, go ahead and let your mental ability seduce the one you fancy.

Being comfortable in your own skin makes you desirable and irresistible to whoever you are attracted to. Accepting and integrating all aspects of who you enable you to become the best version of your authentic self.

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7 – Get Into The Right Mindset

Positive thinking can literally transform your life. Prioritizing your health and wellbeing is an important step toward having the right mindset and reducing stress.

Happiness is the most attractive trait that works like a diffuser of positive energy for the benefit of all humans. Prioritizing your mood can make you more sociable and help with your mental and physical health.

  • Never Compare Yourself To Other Women

Always remember that your uniqueness is incomparable to others and unparalleled in the world. Focus on accepting everything you are, developing healthy self-esteem, and improving yourself.

Self-discovery is the journey of a lifetime, and humans are ever-evolving. Being able to identify your strengths and weaknesses, then utilizing your positives and improving on your negatives make you attractive.

It is attractive to see someone pull off something effortlessly and naturally. No matter what you do, make sure you are comfortable with doing it. Trust your gut instinct to guide you toward doing what makes you feel comfortable and help you avoid anything that does not feel right to you.

flirtingFinal Thoughts On Some Ways To Attract A Man Without Saying A Word

Attracting another person can be a confusing process. Though these tips are geared towards women hoping to attract a man, do know that either gender can use most of them. 

Regardless of your gender, remember: never dull your shine for someone else! We aren’t telling you to change who you are in order to make others like you. You should always be your authentic self. But if you need tips on standing out in a crowded room – or letting gentlemen know you’re interested! – these tips can help with the process. Good luck!


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