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Top 10 Travel Accessories for Women

Top 10 Travel Accessories for Women

Top 10 Travel Accessories for Women

The boom of the travel industry has paved the way for a boom in travel accessories of all shapes, sizes, and uses.

In fact, the amount of choice is almost overwhelming when it comes to kitting yourself out for travel.

From one travel and adventure brand to the next, who does it better and where do you even start?

But in today’s world, the ultimate set of travel accessories is centered on convenience, weight, and style. Travelling light and compact is always the easiest way to go, especially if you’re an adventurous or working traveler.

In this blog, we highlight 10 of the best travel accessories for women who want to keep things both convenient and stylish during their globetrotting!

Our Top 10 Travel Accessories For Women

When it comes to travel accessories, there are three major categories we recommend spending your money on:

  1. Luggage
  2. Electronics
  3. Airplane comforts

We have rounded up 10 essential items to consider for your next hop across the globe.

1. Fossil Crossbody Handbag

This is one of those travel accessories for women which doubles as perfectly convenient and perfectly stylish.

The Fossil Crossbody handbag is ideal for a night out on the town, during the day between sights and even as a small airplane bag for essentials.

The bag features two pockets which are both large enough to fit a cell phone, standard size wallet, a few makeup essentials and a small hairbrush.

It also features a convenient outside zipper, ideal for placing regularly used cards, boarding passes or passports.

2. An Apple iPad

The convenience of an iPad goes without saying. Take it with you on the plane, to coffee shops, to the beach and even to bed and stay on top of emails as and when needed.

It’s a handy travel essential as it can also double as entertainment for kids if you are traveling with little ones.

All you need to do is pre-load a bunch of games, movies, and shows to keep them entertained for hours.

Load holiday photos from an Apple iPhone onto your iPad, cruise the internet for reviews and recommendations and even Skype call home!

3. A Dual USB Charging Port

It’s always better to assume there won’t be enough USB charging points along your travels.

That’s why a dual USB charging point is one of the top travel accessories for women out there.

A dual USB charger in any other country can cost you a pretty penny too, so save your money and buy one before you embark on your travels!

These dual USB chargers are ideal for charging more than one device at a time while hanging out in airports, on long road trips and even long-haul flights.

4. The Vivitar Power Bank

Where have power banks been all our lives, right? The ultimate travel companion, aside from a dual USB charger, has to be the power bank.

Not much could be worse than discovering your phone or camera is about to die in the middle of a day of exploring.

The Vivitar Power Bank is able to charge not one, but two devices at a time and at double the speed!

Its slim size makes it easy to store in a day bag, your carry-on luggage or even a jacket pocket!

5. A Cashmere Scarf

Another one of the most super comfy and stylish travel accessories for women has to be a cashmere scarf.

The cashmere makes for a luxe, comfortable accessory to wear on long, cold flights, in chilly airports and fresh evenings out and about town.

Turn your cashmere scarf into a wrap around your shoulders if you have to enter a place of worship along your travels and need to cover up.

With a cashmere scarf, you have the ultimate travel accessory in terms of both comfort and style.

6. The Voyage Travel Pillow & Eye Mask

This unique travel accessory doubles as both a neck pillow and eye mask, ideal for those long-haul flights where sleep is a priority.

Typically, the Voyage 2-in-1 Travel Pillow is much smaller than your average travel pillow, allowing for a little more versatility as to where you place it.

7. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Now, these may be on the pricier end of the travel accessory spectrum, but if you’re looking for pure solitude on your flight, these headphones are your ticket.

Invest in a pair of these or shop a range of outstanding quality headphones on HeadphonesAddict for the ultimate noise and sound management accessory.

8. A Ricardo Suitcase

If you’re past the age of lugging heavy backpacks, then the highly durable and oh-so-chic Ricardo brand suitcase is a great luggage option.

The hard-sided, spinner roll-aboard suitcase is also extremely lightweight, highly expandable and robust.

No need to worry about rough handling with your luggage, the Ricardo suitcase is renowned for its durability and can withstand a number of heavy blows.

This suitcase is worth the investment and will tide you over on your travels for years to come.

9. The Osprey Packs Pixel Port Daypack

This is the ideal daypack for compact carry-on luggage on flights and days about town exploring with friends or kids.

This Osprey Pixel Port Daypack is fully lined with fleece, so it’s perfect for storing fragile items such as laptops, iPads, and cameras.

It also features a number of handy zippers which are secretly tucked away, perfect for storing valuables out-of-sight in case of potential pick-pockets.

10. A Moleskine City Notebook

If you’re more of a DIY planner when it comes to travel, then this Moleskin City Notebook is an amazing travel companion.

This is the ultimate DIY guidebook of nearly any major city across the globe.

Each notebook features a map of the city you’re visiting, while it offers a bunch of blank pages to make notes on where you want to visit, eat and explore during your stay.

There are approximately 20 or more versions of the Moleskin City Notebook, covering popular cities such as Paris, New York, Milan, London and more.

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4 Essential Household Accessories You Need to Own

4 Essential Household Accessories You Need to Own

4 Essential Household Accessories You Need to Own

Over half of all Americans own their own home, fulfilling a huge part of the American Dream.

But it’s not all sunshine and roses. When something breaks, it’s the owner’s job to handle the problem. Regular maintenance falls squarely on the shoulders of the home owner including dealing with unwanted pests and lawn care.

If you have a home to take care of, you’re going to need the right equipment. Here are 4 essential Household Accessories that you need on hand.

Simple Household Accessories: Screwdrivers

That might seem a little obvious or basic for most homeowners. But investing in a high-quality mixed set of screwdrivers will solve more problems than you might imagine.

Get a set that has a diverse mix of Phillips and flathead settings in a range of sizes. Having screwdrivers with metal or magnetic heads can be really convenient. A lot of people like to use the screwdriver head in their electric drills.

If your set doesn’t come with a storage bag make sure you have some sort of Tupperware or zip lock bag for storage. You don’t want to invest in quality household tools only to lose them!

A Quality Utility Knife

Homeownership requires a fair amount of chores. Simple things like opening boxes, cutting cords, replacing screens in your windows will all require a good sharp knife.

Someday you might have to cut the edges of a new carpet or scrape paint off of a window sill. Doing your own small tasks at home will always save money and having a good knife will make it easier.

Not all jobs need to be DIY but simple and safe tasks are best done personally. Sometimes outsourcing some jobs is safer and just less stressful! It’s up to the homeowner to make that call.

Air Compressor

Not all essential household accessories will fit in your back pocket like a compact knife or screwdriver. But if you’re doing any DIY projects around the house you’ll soon find out that air compressed tools are more powerful and much lighter than other tools.

Having an air compressor like the ones sold at Air Compressors USA will make household chores so much faster and easier. Air compressors can be used for deck building, drain cleaning, siding work and more.

Tool Box

One of the best gifts to give a first-time homeowner is a quality toolbox. You will be surprised the number of tools you acquire as you start fixing things around the house.

Having a large toolbox with plenty of storage will ensure that all of those miscellaneous tools are safe and easy to find. With a place to keep your tools, they will most like get scattered around the house. When you need a specific screwdriver you don’t want to go searching through every drawer and closet.

Make sure the toolbox you get is durable. A good quality toolbox can last you for decades.

With these 4 essential household accessories in hand, you’ll be well equipped to handle any DIY project that comes your way.